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I’ve always said that getting ready is the best part of any celebration or night out, and Eid is the perfect example of this. There’s something incredibly magical about the buzz and grandeur of the Eid getting-ready process. Spending the morning with your loved ones, scraping off your henna (and hoping for a dark stain), dancing in plumes of perfume, curling each other’s hair, soaping your hands to slip on big bunches of bangles, waiting for the boys to come back from the mosque so you can all celebrate together—the anticipation, excitement and joy is indescribable. 

In my family, we get up early and spend hours getting ready—this is the biggest, most special day in our beauty calendars after all—and our make-up, hair and henna needs to be top-notch. 

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With this in mind, I’ve scoured the internet for 11 Eid make-up looks that are sure to provide you with major inspo, whether you prefer a full beat or a more minimal approach. I also spoke with Ruby Hammer MBE (founder of Ruby Hammer Beauty) and Aarti Pal (award-winning make-up artist, educator and founder of South Asian Beauty Collective) about their favourite Eid looks and what products you can use to easily recreate them at home.

1. Classic red lip

“I love elevated, versatile looks for Eid… elegant and polished, yet practical. You cannot go wrong with a red lip,” says Ruby. “You can easily pair this with a full face of make-up or with brushed-up brows for a pared-down, chic look. Team it with a bright-green top to represent optimism and new beginnings.”

2. Pretty in pink

Pink is one of those colours that looks utterly delightful on so many skin tones, and complements all sorts of different outfits. Say it with me: pink is a neutral. Milk’s new Jelly Tints create a pinky flush in seconds, and Suqqu’s limited-edition blossom-inspired palettes are the ultimate treat.

3. Fresh green and dewy skin

Using a green eyeshadow is Aarti’s favourite way to “embrace the vibrant spirit of Eid”. She recommends pairing your bright look with spritzes Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist for a dewy glow. I personally love the Holy Hydration range from e.l.f. Cosmetics whenever I want to prep my skin for a look like this.

4. Jewel-toned eyes

For many families, Eid is the perfect excuse to dress up in their finest, wedding-worthy outfits. With this comes striking jewel-toned fabrics and enough embroidery to attract a mischief of magpies, so why not extend these luxurious hues to your make-up look? 

5. Understated healthy skin

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Healthy-looking skin never goes out of style. Aarti says to start with your skincare, then: “Apply foundation for a radiant finish, set with translucent powder and add a liquid highlighter for extra glow. Complete the look with a pink lipstick to add a pop of colour while keeping the rest of the make-up subtle with neutral tones.” For skin like this, it’s important to find your perfect colour match, which is easier said than done as a person of colour. I like to use personalised foundations like those from Il Makiage or Dcypher.

6. Statement eyeliner

Eyeliner boasts so much rich history for South Asian and Middle Eastern cultures (if you haven’t read Eyeliner: A Cultural History by Zahra Hankir, then this is your sign), so it’s only right that I include an eyeliner look within this piece. Experiment with your flicks—aim them upwards for a cat-eye look, straight for a more modern look, or even downwards as an extension of your upper lid. Each style will give a different overall feel, and you only need the one eyeliner to do it all. Make sure to keep some micellar water and cotton buds on hand to erase any mistakes and keep your lines looking sharp.

7. Monochrome make-up

For those who aren’t as into the getting-ready process as I am, a monochrome look is quick and easy to achieve. All you have to do is swipe the same formula onto lids, lips and cheeks. Aarti likes the “Brulee Beauty Multi Mousse in shade Zahri on cheeks, lips, and eyes for a coordinated appearance”, paired with “Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Satin Kajal Liner for definition and depth”.

8. Blush, everywhere

Blush is like the make-up version of 5-in-1 shampoo—it does everything. It lifts and enlivens the face, adds depth and colour and can be applied in different ways to create multiple different looks. Plus, it’s the key ingredient in a myriad of viral looks, from ‘cold girl’ to ‘strawberry girl’. Take inspo from content creator Aysha Begum and use it across your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin for a pretty flush.

9. Hot cocoa glam

Yes, I’m sick of the silly names too, but ‘latte make-up’ was indeed a whole vibe, and there’s no denying that deliciously chocolatey shades suit every skin tone. Plus, you can’t really go wrong here—just smudge and swipe until you have your desired look. There’s no need to be precise. A smudgy brown-toned look is my go-to when I want to look put-together and elevated but have no time at all to get ready. 

10. 90s lip look

The 90s lip look isn’t going anywhere and it’s perfect for all occasions. For this, line your lips with a brown hue before filling in with a lighter gloss of your choice. Huda Beauty’s latest lip launch is the perfect choice for a high-shine finish.

11. Burgundy eyes

Ruby says “warm-toned burgundy eyes with a touch of gold” are a “sophisticated” and “chic” option. She notes you can create this look at home by “applying a wash of burgundy over the lid, concentrating on the outer corners to build up definition”. Then, she explains, “Add a light-reflecting gold to your inner corners to add brightness, with lashings of mascara to define the eyes. Team with soft-berry lips and a touch of red applied at the centre.”

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