This Il Makiage foundation is all over the internet, so we had 3 editors give it a go

This foundation is a big yes from us

Ata-Owaji Victor testing the Il Makiage foundation
(Image credit: Zoe Anastasiou, Ata-Owaji Victor and Mica Ricketts)

So, you're looking to invest in one of the best foundations on the market? Whether you're looking for a foundation for oily skin, a foundation for dry skin, a foundation for acne-prone skin or even a tinted moisturiser, team Marie Claire UK have been putting the most popular formulas to the test.

Speaking of popular formulas, say hello to the Il Makiage Woke Up Like This Flawless Base Foundation. This foundation has somewhat of a cult following, and is loved by beauty editors and influencers alike. But what makes it so good?

The brand itself is still relatively new to the beauty scene, and has made shopping for foundation online a whole lot easier. When clicking on the product, you take part in an online quiz to help find your perfect shade. You answer all sorts of questions from what skin type you have to what coverage you want, and the brand chooses a shade so that you don't have to.

The questions is, does it really work? We asked three editors to put the product through its paces to see if it lives up to the hype. Keep on scrolling to find out what they had to say...

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Mica Ricketts, Freelance Content Editor & Copywriter

The results

Mica Ricketts testing the Il Makiage foundation

(Image credit: Mica Ricketts)

The verdict

"Despite all of the five-star reviews and internet buzz, I had always placed the Il Makiage foundation firmly in the 'not for me' camp of make-up. My skin is naturally pale, but with yellow undertones, so I’ve always found colour matching online tricky. Plus, despite having acne scarring, pigmentation and dark circles, I’m not fussed about covering up my skin and tend to wear skin tints or lightweight foundations—and a lot of the photos I’d seen online of the Il Makiage foundation looked pretty full coverage and incredibly matte. But, it’s hard to deny the hype that this product has so I went in with an open mind.

"The online shade-matching quiz was quick and easy enough to do and I was matched with shade 040 which, it turns out, was spot-on. So far, so good. As for the foundation itself, it has a thicker texture than my usual favourites but blended into skin well using a damp make-up sponge. And once I was finished I was instantly impressed with how good my skin looked. This stuff covers redness, spots and dark circles with ease, yet still has a pretty skin-like finish. My only gripe? While the matte finish means it has great staying power, I did notice that it started to settle into dry patches and fine lines around my eyes by the end of the day. However, I’d definitely reach for this on occasions that I want more of a polished make-up look or for nights out when I’m after a bit more coverage than usual."

Ata-Owaji Victor, Freelance Beauty Writer

The results

Ata-Owaji Victor testing the Il Makiage foundation

(Image credit: Ata-Owaji Victor)

The verdict

"I have to admit, I am often sceptical when it comes to viral foundations. Between filters and well deftly angled cameras, I’ve found that while beautiful online, the 'fantastical' nature of certain foundations rarely holds up to the hype offline. However, when I first heard about Il Makiage’s shade matching algorithm which they use rather than traditional shade matching methods to pair make-up lovers with their foundation, I was more than intrigued.

"I used two pumps of the foundation, in shade 230, to create a medium coverage look with a semi-matte finish. Thanks to the thickness and richness of the foundation, I believe that unless you are looking for a full glam look, be mindful that a little goes a long way. Using a stippling brush – I worked the foundation from my jawline to my forehead making sure to really blend in the edges which was not an easy feat due to the seamless shade match. As I often favour cream-based bronzers and blushes, I found the skin-like matte base was perfect to build on without fear of having to go in with a lot of powder to combat oiliness.

"I tried this foundation with both a water-based and the brand’s own silicon-based primer, with the former I noticed more creasing along my smile lines and under eyes after a day's wear. This however is a small price to pay for such a great colour match and a sizeable amount of product—perfect for everyday wear."

Zoe Anastasiou, Fashion Editor

The results

Zoe Anastasiou testing the Il Makiage foundation

(Image credit: Zoe Anastasiou)

The verdict

"I first started using this foundation during London Fashion Week, which was definitely a big risk, but it paid off. After being out of the house for over 15 hours at a time, my base make-up still looked really good, which I didn't expect.

"When it comes to foundation, I'm not normally a full coverage fan, but what I liked about this was that the coverage was buildable for those days when I felt like I needed a little bit more. It didn't feel cakey on the skin and didn't cling to any dry patches, which are two big wins in my opinion.

"Most importantly, the colour match system was incredible. I was sceptical that after answering a few questions the brand would be able to find the perfect shade for me, but I couldn't believe it. It matched my skin tone perfectly and I was so impressed. I will definitely be repurchasing this foundation for years to come."

Grace Lindsay

Grace Lindsay is currently Junior Beauty Editor at Who What Wear UK and previously was Marie Claire UK's E-Commerce Writer.  With over three years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, she covers everything from the best make-up and skincare deals to how to shop the stand out trends of the season. When she's not typing away at her laptop, Grace can be found shopping her favourite vintage markets IRL, or catching up on her never-ending list of books to read.