'Balletcore' is the 2024 make-up aesthetic experts predict will dominate the rest of this year

Glossy skin, slicked buns & pink hues: it's time to embrace your inner ballerina

Balletcore makeup
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Let's be honest: 2023 saw make-up trends go wild, and at time, become a little convoluted. TikTok became our go-to resource for all things '-era' and '-core,' and you could easily find yourself a little over the whole thing. 

This year, however, is beginning with a bang in the form of a trend that's *actually* exciting, super pretty and easy to achieve for all. Balletcore has hit the ground running—and it's one we're going to have our eyes on all year long. 

With searches up 253%, according to Beauty Pie's 2024 beauty trend report, the Balletcore trend is defined by its super-soft, pretty aesthetic that centres around pink hues. It's about embracing that inner child that longed to be a ballerina, with ribbons in her hair and soft, powdery make-up. 

"Balletcore beauty is soft, glowy and chic, inspired by the elegance and romance of ballet," explains make-up artist Mira Parmar. "The whole face is enveloped in a blush-like, highlighter state and just looks so pretty."

If you need to visualise the trend, look to celebs such as Hailey Bieber, content creators like Cindy Kimberly (whose balletcore make-up on Instagram inspired heaps of TikToks) and brands including Charlotte Tilbury, Rare Beauty and Rhode

How to get the Balletcore look

This look is defined by certain colours, textures and features including: glossy, fresh skin, frosted pink hues on the lips and eyes, cloud pink draping across the cheeks, brushed up, fluffy brows and slicked ballerina buns. "The skin is giving no-make-up make-up, with a soft metallic sheen, and the hair is so sleek it’s silky. Plus, adding a big bow elevates it even more," notes Mira. 

Mira recommends beginning with a tinted moisturiser (we love skin tints, too) to keep skin fresh and radiant. "You want to maintain that luminosity while not being oily," she says.

She then encourages "lots of baby soft pinks, peaches and champagnes", so stick to dewy, cream tints for the cheeks, lips and eyes. 

"Apply a wash of cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend out upwards to accentuate the cheekbones," she recommends, to achieve that 'draped' pink look. 

Then, she says you should use "lots of beautiful pinky highlighter on the cheek bones, cupids bow and bridge of the nose to create that glow", before applying mascara for "a coat of fluttery, clean lashes".

Finish with "a gorgeous nudey pink lip gloss or lip oil".

Best balletcore inspiration (and products)

Cindy Kimberly's now-iconic Instagram photo has been replicated in videos all across TikTok. Mostly, you need a pigmented pink blush and frosted pink lipstick for this, along with some thick mascara and a cream shadow. 

To elevate the look like Michaela Jaé, amp up those lashes with layers of mascara and reach for the highlighter and pink glitter lip gloss. 

Another celeb who does it well is Selena Gomez, whose Rare Beauty line has plenty of Balletcore-inspired offerings. Her cream-powder highlighter is a must. And don't forget your soft-pink mani!

Need a way to enhance the look for party time? Layer up the sparkling pink-purple frosted eyeshadow and focus on perfecting those dewy cheeks. 

Glossy and glowing, this look centres around the high-shine lips, which can be created with the new Charlotte Tilbury pink lipstick range and a nude-pink gloss on top. 

Hailey Bieber just oozes balletcore, and her Rhode line makes dewy, wet-looking skin and lips all the more achievable. 

A wash of hot pink on the eyes is so pretty. Pair it with a glowing complexion for the ultimate ode to the trend. 

Finish off any Balletcore look with fluffy brows and a slicked-back ballerina bun. 

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