Two of the best make-up artists I know just told me these 6 wearable trends will be everywhere in 2024

Low-fuss make-up is in

Make-up Trends 2024
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I don't know about you, but the concept of make-up trends seems a bit outdated to me. In 2024, is anyone really changing up their go-to make-up looks just because a 'trend' tells them to? I have my doubts. And truthfully, I'm not sure make-up trends work in the same way nail trends and hair trends do. While I consider my nails and hair to simply be something to experiment with and switch up, my make-up is an extension of my being – I lean on it to make myself feel more like me. And, as a result, I like to stick to what works.

But while I don't believe in make-up trends as such, I do believe in shifts in our approach to make-up as a whole – and 2024 is all about a lower fuss, more relaxed approach. I'm talking low-maintenance skin looks, more experimental eye statements and leaning on colour to boost mood and spirits. To get the intel on what exactly we should have on our radars for the year ahead, I reached out to two of the best make-up artists I know: Mira Parmar and Ruby Hammer MBE. According to them, these are the 6 make-up 'trends' to know about for 2024.

1. Colour psychology

Make-up Trends 2024 Colour Psychology: Models wearing colour make-up looks

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The joy of this trend is that there's high chance you've subconsciously bought into it already. "Make-up in 2024 will explore colour psychology," says Ruby. The premise? It involves reaching for colours and shades that impact your state of mind. Whether you're looking for a confidence boost, some comfort or are feeling playful, lean on colours that speak to your mood at that time.

"Colours, fuschia and playful brights teamed with neutrals create a fresh look. [The colour] doesn't need to be restricted to any domain of the face – think glowing cheeks, bold bright lips and coloured liner," adds Ruby.

2. Light-reflecting skin

Models with light-reflecting skin

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I have been writing make-up trend reports for many years, and I think glowing skin has featured on every single one in one way or another. For 2024, however, that glow is all about high-charged luminescence. I'm not talking subtle lit-from-within glow, I'm talking intense, next-level healthy-looking dewiness. "There's set to be lots of light-reflecting beauty – think dewy skin and illuminating powders," says Mira. "It's all about highlighting features while looking clean and fresh."

3. Stand-out liner

Models wearing stand-out liner make-up trend 2024

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Further proof that make-up is geared up towards self-expression in 2024 is the upcoming trend of more experimental eye liner looks. "Eyeliner will no longer be used just along the lash line," says Ruby. "Floating, graphic liner [is] being used to emphasise the eyes in a bolder manner. Expect the unexpected with graphic lines and flicks. Eyeliner will break boundaries," she adds.

As someone who isn't massively creative when it comes to make-up, I'm ready to lean into bigger, smokey-eye looks this year. However, Mira also notes you can combine this trend with the aforementioned concept of colour theory. "Bold colours were seen on the catwalks. Accents of colour will be huge and can be used for all – experimenting is the name of the game," she says.

4. Monochromatic multi-taskers

Models wearing monochromatic multi-taskers make-up trend 2024

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If, like me, you like your make-up routine to be quick and easy, listen up. Multi-tasking sticks that can be used all over the face are due a major revival. "Monochrome multi-tasking products will be a must have in 2024, making application easier and looks more streamlined," says Mira. Look for pink or neutral-toned pigments and sticks that can be patted into cheeks, blotted over lids and blurred into lips for a one-minute look.

5. Balletcore

Models wearing balletcore make-up trend 2024

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While Barbiecore was all anyone could talk about in 2023, the trend for the year ahead is softer, more subtle and easier to wear. Yep, Balletcore is the trend to know for 2024. "Think slick buns and fresh, dewy skin," says Mira. For make-up, we'll be leaning on pretty, pastel shades to make the look work for all.

6. Skin prep first

Models wearing the skin prep first make-up trend 2024

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Okay, okay, this isn't really a trend – it's more of a tip. The secret to make-up that stays looking fresh all day is all in the skin prep, and this is set to become a key step in your make-up routine this year. Skin that is well hydrated and prepped for make-up application will leave a more natural-looking, glowing and longer-lasting finish. The best bit? You don't need to invest in expensive primers, just look for skincare products that will help give your finished make-up look a helping hand.

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