The razor-cut bob is the cool, low-maintenance hair trend I've been waiting to see all year

Yes, bobs are still going strong

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2024 is proving that the year of the bob is, in fact, several years long. Case in point: the razor-cut bob has been tipped as one of the biggest summer hair trends to know about. Though these shorter hairstyles aren't for me (they say there's a bob for everyone and I am the exception that proves the rule), I fully appreciate the art of a well-cut bob on somebody else.

How do I know it's going to trend this summer, you may ask? According to the Pinterest Summer Trends Report 2024, searches for razer cut bobs [sic] increased by a massive 8,200% on the app between April 2023 and 2024, indicating that they’ll be big, huge this season. 

If you're debating a bob, this probably prompts some questions. What does a razor cut bob look like? Is it cut with an actual razor? (Yes!) Will it suit me? To help answer these and give you more of an insight into the razor cut bob trend, I asked one of the industry’s leading hairdressers to break down this style. Consider this guide everything you might want to know.

What is the razor-cut bob? 

While the bobs trends of 2024 have been high-maintenance styles that need regular cuts and almost constant tidying (think blunt bobs, macro bobs and Hollywood bobs), the razor-cut bob is more relaxed, low-key and no-fuss. And, truthfully, I'm overjoyed to see some more manageable trends take centre stage.

As its name suggests, this razor-cut bob is cut with a razor, rather than scissors. This gives it “a look that is thinner at the ends, therefore [the hair] breaks up and moves easier as it’s less solid”, explains leading hairdresser and Percy & Reed founder Paul Percival. “A razor bob tends to feel more rock ‘n’ roll because the ends are finer. When you cut a bob with scissors, you can take off length or take out weight, but you can’t do both at the same time. By its very nature, that’s what a razor does.” 

To look at, this is a classic bob silhouette with textured ends and is often styled with a tousled feel. “A razor-cut bob is all about keeping the bob shape—you can have a fringe, and there is also a slightly more mullet-like shape that’s quite popular at the moment, but it’s pretty much still a bob," Paul continues. "It’s very much something people are coming into the salon and asking for.” 

Who does the razor-cut bob suit? 

Most haircuts can be adapted to suit different face shapes and hair types. “As with most bobs, you can make [the razor-cut bob] work for all face shapes [by changing] the length, if you decide to get a fringe or not, et cetera,” says Paul. “The only difference with a razor-cut bob is the actual texture of the ends and the fact that more weight is taken out.” 

Slicing strands with a razor is generally thought to be better suited to some hair types than others, however. If you have frizz-prone and/or a curly texture, this type of cutting can result in more frizz, so be sure to discuss the suitability of this method for your hair with your hairdresser before going for it—particularly if you like to wear it in its natural texture. In the case of thinner hair, it's worth bearing in mind that your hairdresser may not deem it one of the best bobs for thin hair. But Paul says: “There is definitely a shape and a length that will work for all hair types.” 

The other key thing to think about before opting for a specific haircut is how you want it to look day-to-day versus your natural hair and, in line with this, the amount of time you’re able to spend on styling. As Paul notes, you’ll need to be mindful of this if, for example, you want to always wear it smooth and straight but have naturally coily, curly, or wavy hair, or if you have completely straight hair but want to add in some texture. 

Keen to browse more bob hairstyles for thick hair, fine hair and everything in between? Below we've shared some of our favourite razor-cut bobs from social, along with hair styling products chosen by both us and our expert. And if you decide it's not for you, there's always the anti bob trend...

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The best products to style a razor cut bob

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