I'm calling it—the business bob is the power haircut of summer 2024, and it’s going to be everywhere

A real head turner

Business bob
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You don't need me to tell that 2024 is proving the year of the bob. From the French bob and the Scandi bob to the 90s bob and the macro bob, it is undeniably one of the most versatile haircut trends to try because there are so many iterations of the classic cut. Whether you prefer a more relaxed bob or a sharply-cut blunt bob, the cult hairstyle can be tailored to your personal style, hair type and face shape.

And despite there already being an abundance of bob inspiration to choose from, if you’re considering a chop, there’s a new style emerging that has captured my imagination for summer. Polished, glossy and with all the dynamism of an 80s power suit, we're calling it the business bob—and you’re about to see it everywhere.

What is the business bob?

If you’re looking for a haircut that’s going to turn heads, then the business bob is one to watch. “Whilst the boyfriend bob has an edgier look and the French bob has a more undone, relaxed vibe, the business bob definitely has a serious and more corporate edge, so it’s a great choice for those who want to be taken seriously and make a statement,” explains hair stylist and trend expert Tom Smith.

It differs from other bobs in that it’s slightly longer in length (closer to a lob than a micro bob) and the finish is key. “The length itself is kept crisp and blunt and is typically worn in a subtly voluminous, smooth style,” says Smith. “A bob is typically seen as strong and powerful, but the business bob is an even more polished style with intentional shine and volume to lend it vibrancy and bounce.”

Business bob inspiration

Diana Silvers has been serving some major bob inspiration of late, but I adore this chic, slightly longer bob which just looks so expensive .

Sleek, glossy and utterly timeless, Penelope Cruz certainly means business with this elegant evening look.

Perfectly polished and with a mirror-like shine, Jourdan Dunn’s power cut doesn’t have a hair out of place.

If you have hair that falls flat naturally, make like Lily James and try a side parting which can help to boost volume by adding some lift at the roots.

How to style the business bob

To achieve this look at home, it’s all about the blow-dry to get that sleek, expensive-looking volume and shine. “Blow drying tools such as the Dyson AirWrap with the round brush attachment will make it easier to achieve this style,” explains Smith. However, if that’s a little out of your budget then a large barrelled round ceramic brush with your hairdryer will do the trick too.

The finish is key to the business bob—I'm talking high gloss and plenty of polish. “Hairspray should be kept to a minimum and avoid the use of texture spray or styling powders, but a few drops of serum like the Olaplex No7 will keep the hair swishy and full of life,” suggests Smith. And if you want to extend your style? A lightweight dry shampoo is your best friend.

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