It's undeniable—the bixie cut is the summer hair trend all the cool girls are adopting

The latest celeb-approved 'bob' is ultra chic

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As a beauty editor, part of my job is keeping an eye out for the biggest hair trends, cuts and styles, so you can be ahead of the curve (or cut, should I say) at your next hair appointment. When it comes to the most on-trend hair looks of 2024, there’s been one cut that’s been coming out on top time and time again. You’ve most likely already heard about it in its many iterations, from the voluminous macro style to the sleek razor-cut look, it’s of course, the bob

For 2024 it seems it's a case of the shorter the better when it comes to our hair, especially now summer has made an appearance and everyone's looking for stylish hairstyles for hot sunny days. Unsurprisingly, the latest trending cut is no different, in fact it takes our hair a step shorter than we've gone before. Say hello to the bixie cut, the grown out pixie style worn by Taylor Hill and Iris Law, and the latest bob cut to be rocking this summer.

So, what is the bixie cut?

“The bixie cut is a blend of a bob and a pixie cut,” says Mitchell Ramazon, Celebrity Stylist and Living Proof Stylist Squad Ambassador. “It typically features shorter layers at the back and longer layers towards the front, creating a modern and edgy look while maintaining some length for styling versatility.”

“While the bixie cut can work on various hair types, it tends to look best on those with straight or slightly wavy hair, however, with the right styling techniques and products, it can also complement curly hair. To achieve a bixie cut at the salon, someone could ask for longer, layered hair at the back with shorter layers towards the front. They might also specify any desired fringe or bangs.”

Bixie cut inspiration

The originator of the bixie cut, Taylor Hill proves just how versatile the style can be, switching from tousled curls to sleek, slicked-back looks with ease. Take note of the short layers which frame her face, followed by the longer ear-grazing length at the sides.

For a sleek, sophisciated look, Sabrina Elba wears her bixie cut in a chic side parting with her bangs swept to one side—perfection! 

Proving a short cut doesn't have to be kept simple, I love the addition of kitsch hair accessories to add interest to Iris Law's bleach-blonde bixie cut.

How to style the bixie cut

“To keep a bixie cut looking its best, regular trims are essential to maintain the shape and prevent it from looking unkempt,” says Ramazon. Be prepared to head to the salon every 4-6 weeks to keep your bixie at the perfect ear-grazing length.

When it comes to styling your bixie cut at home, it’s all about adding texture and movement. “Styling a bixie cut at home usually involves blow-drying with a round brush to add volume and shape,” Ramazon told me, “Additionally, styling products, like wax or pomade, can be used to define the layers and add texture.”

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