This is supposedly the fastest selling fragrance of 2024—I thought I'd hate it, but I'm actually impressed

It has been quite the surprise

Shannon Lawlor holding Kylie Jenner Cosmic Eau de Parfum bottle
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I'm a self-confessed perfume snob. My bar for what makes the 'best perfumes' is set exceptionally high. I want to see impressive longevity, I want to see luxe-looking bottles, I want a scent that is unique enough to pique interest but soft enough to not induce a headache, and most of all, I want a fragrance that makes me feel like the most special person in the room whenever I'm wearing it on my neck. It is for this reason entirely that celebrity perfumes don't usually appeal to me—particularly the one that Boots has recently revealed to be its fastest selling (and therefore most popular) perfume of 2024 so far, Cosmic by Kylie Jenner.

You see, it's not that I enjoy poo-pooing celebrity fragrances, it's just that their very nature is destined to not tick my boxes. Celebrity scents are designed to be adored by the masses, whereas I lean towards standout, niche perfumes. They also, most notably, are typically marketed towards a young fanbase—and it is this that gives them properties I don't typically consider very luxurious. They are, more often than not, sweet scents, garnished with warm vanilla and the more cloying of the floral notes. And, shallowly, I don't tend to enjoy the way the bottles look on my shelf—colourful and somewhat juvenile. Nothing about celebrity fragrances has ever appealed to me. But Cosmic Kylie Jenner Eau de Parfum has, truthfully, surprised me.

Let me first say that Cosmic is sweet. If you don't like sweet scents that have a creamy sort of warmth, it won't be for you. You're not going to find any sort of fresh or marine aromas here. However, that's not to say that Cosmic is your usual sugared, candy floss stick of a celebrity fragrance, either.

For starters, the bottle is really quite beautiful—and understated. The glass is sculptured and molten, carefully considered in such a way it sits beautifully in the palm of your hand. With a mirrored, rounded cap, the whole thing is, actually, exceptionally elegant. It is substantial and weighty—expensive-feeling, if you will. So, in terms of bottle and first impressions? It's good. It ticks my boxes.

Kylie Jenner Cosmic Eau de Parfum in a handbag

(Image credit: Shannon Lawlor)

Then, we get onto the scent itself. It is, without question, luxurious. In fact, I'm inclined to say fans of Baccarat Rouge 540 will no doubt be a fan of Cosmic. With an array of floral accords – jasmine and peony, most notably – it is soft, powdered and light on the nose. But with the addition of warming amber and cedarwood it has a long-lasting depth that fuses it to the skin, giving it a sexy sort of edge. And although sweetness is usually the aspect of celebrity scents that makes me want to run for the hills, with Cosmic, the blood orange and vanilla musk notes are what ties everything together. This floral scent becomes something creamy and radiant of warmth. The fragrance melts into the skin like an unctuous body lotion might, becoming one with whoever is wearing it.

So, yes, Cosmic Kylie Jenner has surprised me. It is something I can very much picture myself wearing on days when I want to make a lasting impression on those around me. It is comforting and soft, but indulgent and gravitating all at once. It is what I like to call a 'nuzzler' of a perfume—something that makes you want to smoosh your nose into the wearer's neck and never leave. Does it have the longevity of a luxury perfume with a far heftier price tag? It certainly does not. But as a semi-affordable spritz, it's really quite extraordinary, and I can totally see why the sales data says what it does.

Shannon Lawlor
Executive Beauty Editor

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