Salma Hayek launching make-up line

Salma Hayek is latest celebrity beauty queen

Life as an A-list actress means learning a thing or two about preening and pampering, and now Salma Hayek is putting that insider knowledge to good use, by creating a signature make-up line.

Speaking to People, the newly-wed revealed she’s working on a line of beauty products, and though she may be sharing her Hollywood beauty secrets, the collection won’t have an A-list price point.

‘I’m trying to develop a line with a drugstore so that it is affordable for everyone,’ she told the US mag.

And far from being another flash-in-the-pan celebrity endorsement, the actress revealed the venture is a long-held ambition.

‘We’ve researched for two to three years,‘ she said. ‘My grandmother was a cosmetologist and she used to make her own creams, but my whole approach is how can we get the essence of the really expensive ones, but for everyone to be able to afford.’

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