What Your Junk Food Cravings REALLY Mean

Ever wondered why you get sudden cravings for chocolate or salty snacks? Your body’s trying to tell you something. Read this and never succumb to fatty fast food again.

Your craving:
What your body needs:
You may be feeling:
Tired and under-the-weather
Grapes, broccoli, cheese and chicken

Your craving: Crisps
What your body needs: Calcium
You may be feeling: Stiff and sore, with cramps and joint pains
Try: Sesame seeds,legumes and cheese

Your craving: Chocolate
What your body needs: Magnesium
You may be feeling: Anxious and tired
Try: Nuts, seeds, fish and leafy greens

Your craving: Bread
What your body needs: Nitrogen
You may be feeling: Fatigued
Try: Fish, meat, nuts and beans

Your craving: Fizzy drinks
What your body needs: Calcium
You may be feeling: Irritable and achey
Try: Cheese, broccoli and kale

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