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Katy set off to an auspicious start when, at primary school in Morecambe, she managed to do what millions of other children don't: get expelled. Unperturbed, she eventually managed to do rather well at school, ultimately heading to Leeds University to study English and French.

It was there that she discovered her passion for writing as features editor of the student newspaper.

After a brief stint at the Northampton Herald and Post, she fancied something a bit glitzier – and focused on a go-getting career in women's magazines.

Cue a move to London and a new job at 19 magazine as features writer. Marie Claire soon came calling, and, in her role as writer here, she undertook such challenges as spending ten days in the buff at a nudist resort all in the name of her craft.

Then, bang: she got pregnant by her best mate at the height of her roving reporter career – and life took on a whole new beginning. Seeing the creative possibilities, our editor suggested writing a column for the magazine about her situation. It was called And Then There Were Three… Sort Of, and it was so successful it ran for two years before being turned into her must-read blog, The States She's In - and ultimately turned out to be her mealticket.

Katy is now a fully-fledged author and recently finished her debut novel, One Thing Led to Another, a deliciously witty novel based on her own life experiences.

Read the first extract here, and check back every Monday for the next exciting instalment.

To catch up on Katy's hilarious day-to-day antics, check out her weekly blog, The State She's In, here.

To get Katy's esteemed professional advice on how to get published yourself, click here.

One Thing Led to Another by Katy Regan is available to buy from 16 February 2009, but if you just can't wait that long, pre-order a copy here.


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