Best concealer for hiding dark circles and blemishes

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Hide dark under-eye circles and cover blemishes with our ten best concealers, designed to combat all manner of imperfections

If you’re looking for the best way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, or need something that can camouflage blemishes and redness, you need to invest in the best concealer you can get your hands on. Whether it’s dark circles, fine lines, blemishes or redness, tell Powder your concealer needs and they’ll find the best one for you. So, which is the best concealer for you?

Best under eye concealer

Under-eye concealers are the best way to combat dark circles and disguise any signs of late nights (or very early mornings). Just remember, the skin under your eyes is particularly delicate. The best concealer for this area will be feather-light but still durable enough to combat shadows, as well as conceal those pesky lines. Sounds like a tough job, but it’s nothing that our round up can’t handle. The best concealers for dark circles will even radiate light – keeping your eyes bright all day long. Look out for buys from Nars and Benefit for options that do the job, and do it well.

While on the hunt for a new concealer, look for products that are packed with moisturising properties. A truly indulgent formula will have vitamin A and D infusions to help fight the effects of dryness and encourage elasticity.

Best concealer for blemishes and redness

Much like the best under eye concealer, this one will even out your skin tone while covering any blemishes or redness. The only difference? You don’t want the brightening effect. When you’re aiming to hide redness or blemishes, you don’t want to attract attention to the area.

Look for corrective concealers that specifically combat skin issues like acne and rosacea.

Best concealer for dry skin

Dry skin benefits from stick or cream concealers thanks to their semi-solid texture. They will be thicker and give better coverage – a stick is perfect for blending and dotting along imperfections, whereas a cream concealer works well under the eyes to cover and neutralise discolourations. For a velvety matte finish, look to Nars for a hero moisturising concealer with full coverage.

Best concealer for oily skin

Those with an oily ski type should avid creamy or stick concealers and instead opt for liquid concealers. Not only does it easily build coverage, it’s easy to apply and is less likely to crease thanks to its light texture. Whether you prefer matte or dewy, there are some great liquid concealers out there to give you the finish you love. Try Too Faced for an oil-free option that’ll suit your skin to a tee.

Best concealer brush

Although some people prefer to use the ‘wand’ or bristled tip of their concealer, a brush is recommended in order to ensure that you make the most of the product and get a nice, even finish with equal coverage. Size-wise, we suggest something like this Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush, or the classic MAC Concealer Brush. Alternatively, pat concealer into the under eye area with your ring finger – it’ll fit perfectly into the corner of your eye.

Our pick of the best under-eye concealers will help you achieve that flawless look – no matter what kind of night you had…

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