10 of the best waterproof mascaras

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Not all waterproof mascaras are created equal. Here’s our edit of the very best.

I don’t know many women who will happily go sans mascara. On the odd day (granted, they’re few and far between) that I’’ve opted to go ‘bare lash’ I’’ve been pelted with comments like, ‘oh, you look tired’, or ‘are you ill?’ or, my favourite; ‘what’s happened to your face?!’ Sigh.

Maybe the fact that we think it’s odd to see a woman without make-up is a wider cultural issue but, regardless, we love the magical properties of mascara. Simple. However, the dilemma many of us face – usually around twice a year, –when we can’t use our regular choice of  mascara, is what the hell do we do on holiday? There’s nothing worse than mascara running down your face on a hot day (definitely not attractive), and a mascara that can happily withstand swimming/sun bathing/long leisurely walks/pool parties and various forms of carnage, is a must.

Traditionally, waterproof mascaras are quite dry in texture – they kind of have to be to withstand a soaking – and while that bodes well for water-proofing, they can flake onto the tops of the cheeks and make lashes look wiry and brittle.

Luckily, there are a few gems out there laugh in the face of the poorer waterproof formulas, that will stay on your lashes through wind, sun and rain (while lengthening, thickening and curling obvs) – you can find these and more on our sister site Powder.

Removing waterproof mascara is an art and an ordinary make-up remover won’t cut it. Look for oil-based removers that will break up the formula without damaging your lashes. A couple of favourites include Smashbox It’s a Wrap Waterproof Makeup Remover, £16.50, and Benefit They’re Real! Remover, £14.50.

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