Kate has been honoured by the Queen just days before Christmas

In what The Daily Express is calling a "major coup" for the Duchess.

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In what The Daily Express is calling a "major coup" for the Duchess.

In Royal news today, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been honoured by Her Majesty the Queen just days before Christmas.

The Daily Express has been called a "major coup" for Kate, who has been working on the project for quite some time.

Posting on the Royal Twitter account, Queen Elizabeth has endorsed Kate and a certain event she managed to organise for this year's festivities.

The event in question is Kate's carol concert, which is set to be broadcast to the general public on Christmas Eve.

Asking the nation to come #TogetherAtChristmas from the official Royal Family Twitter account, the Queen sent a nod of compliment to Kate for her hard work, especially as the Omicron variant threatens to overwhelm the NHS.

The tweet further gave details of the concert.

It read: "Join the The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with other Members of The Royal Family, at Westminster Abbey, as they welcome extraordinary individuals for a special festive service."

The Royal family have already had to amend several of their original Royal plans, including their annual extended family Christmas lunch and further, their yearly visit to Sandringham, their Norfolk estate. Instead, they will be spending the year at Windsor Castle as a "precautionary" measure against Covid-19.

It's thought the Queen will be celebrating her staff by giving them a rather interesting £5 gift each (still available to buy from a certain supermarket, might we add) and opening their infamous tongue-in-cheek presents come Christmas eve.

They open their presents the day before Christmas as per German tradition, as German descendants, unlike here in the UK where we traditionally open gifts on Christmas morning.

While it's not yet known which members of the Royal family will celebrate together, it's thought that the party will include The Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, Kate, and William, along with their three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis. 2021 will mark the first year of festive celebrations without Prince Philip, who sadly passed away in April, and their second Christmas without Harry and Meghan, who moved to California in 2020.

However, they have not ruled out further changes to plans if Coronavirus restrictions are put in place prior to the 25th.

Opening presents at 6pm, they'll also be tuning in to Kate's Christmas carol concert no doubt.

Will you be tuning in?

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