The Queen has announced that she's cancelling the Royal family's Christmas plans

As Covid continues to spread rapidly across the UK.

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As Covid continues to spread rapidly across the UK.

In Royal news this morning, HM The Queen has made a final decision about what the Royal family Christmas will look like.

Although Her Majesty wished to spend the 25th with family members including Charles, William, and Kate at their estate in Sandringham, she is acutely aware that Covid cases are rising and that travelling to Norfolk may put people at risk of catching the virus.

According to The Mirror, Her Majesty is "determined" to celebrate with her loved ones, after suffering from a bout of ill health that meant she had to pull out of several Royal appearances, including the climate conference COP26.

As a result, she's cancelled the current plans to celebrate at their estate in Norfolk, where she was due to travel via helicopter, and instead will celebrate at Windsor Palace.

Buckingham Palace officials said it "reflects a precautionary approach".

Who she will celebrate with is as of yet unknown, with a spokesperson saying "all appropriate guidelines" will be followed.

The source said to The Mirror: "The Queen and the rest of the family are mindful the situation is ever-changing and many thousands of families may also be affected."

"If alternative arrangements need to be made, right up to the last minute as per government advice, Her Majesty will lead from the front.”

The Royal Family didn't spend last Christmas together thanks to Coronavirus restrictions. Sadly, it was the last Christmas they would have with Prince Philip, who passed away in April.

The decision comes after consultation with some of her most senior aides, who it's thought are in regular contact with government figures.

The Royal Family has already cancelled one Christmas tradition due to Coronavirus concerns.

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said there is "no guarantee for Christmas" and whether or not tougher governmental restrictions will be imposed is still yet to be announced. It is hoped that if another lockdown does come, it will be after the Christmas period.

While they were consulted on the decision, it's not thought that the government had any say in the decision.

Will you be spending Christmas with your family this year?

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