Princess Charlotte’s nickname is absolutely adorable


The royal family have some brilliant nicknames for each other. Prince George calls Prince William ‘pops’, Prince Harry has a very sweet nickname for Kate Middleton – he reportedly calls her ‘Cath’ – and he refers to his wife, Meghan Markle, as ‘Meg’. And Meghan’s pals call Harry ‘Haz’. We also know that Kate calls Prince William ‘babe’, and that he calls her ‘darling’.

But what about the little royals? Do they have nicknames too?

It turns out that they do.

According to one shopper who spotted the Cambridges while they were doing a bit of late minute Christmas shopping last year, Kate Middleton said to Princess Charlotte: ‘Get up, poppet.’


But it’s not her only nickname, apparently.

While in Northern Ireland recently, the Duchess of Cambridge was chatting to some members of the public and began talking to a person waiting in the crowd of fans. Kate asked the individual how old her son was, and when she said he was 4, Kate reportedly replied: ‘Oh, he’s the same age as Lottie.’

How sweet is that?

The public also learned that Prince George’s currently loves watching How To Train Your Dragon but his favourite Disney film is The Lion King – which his uncle, Prince Harry, also admitted is one of his favourites.


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