Prince George has the most adorable nickname for Prince William

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We love knowing about all the royal family's nicknames for each other because it proves that, really, they're just like us. Prince Harry has a very sweet nickname for Kate Middleton - he reportedly calls her 'Cath' - and he refers to his wife, Meghan Markle, as 'Meg'. And Meghan's pals call Harry 'Haz'. Cute? We think so.

We also know that Kate calls Prince William 'babe', and that he calls her 'darling'.

On the slightly more hilarious end of the scale, we recently learned that William used to refer to the Queen as 'Gary'. Lol.

But when it comes to royals and their nicknames for one another, Prince George definitely wins. He's one of our favourite royals - did you see how he comforted a crying bridesmaid at Harry and Meghan's wedding? - and this will make you love him even more.

During a royal engagement, Kate revealed that George doesn't call William 'dad.' He actually prefers the very endearing 'pops'.

A fan of the royal family, Fiona Sturgess, who met the Duchess of Cambridge, told reporters: 'Kate said that William was playing football with the children last night and one of them said, I think it was George, “Are you playing football tomorrow, Pops?”’

It's not the only nickname he has dished out, either. A few years ago, Kate told ITV’s The Queen at Ninety: ‘George is only 2 ½ and he calls her “Gan-Gan.”

‘She always leaves a little gift or something in their room when we go and stay, and that just shows her love for her family.’


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