Avon lady makes £7 million

Debbie Davis is hailed Britain's 'most successful Avon lady', after making £7m in sales

Debbie Davis, 29, from Sunderland is being hailed Britain’s most successful Avon lady, after revealing she earns around £250,000 a year.

Debbie began working for Avon five years ago, after she lost her job at a printing factory.

The brand, which boasts bond girl Gemma Arterton and Strictly host Tess Daly as poster-girls, has been employing Avon Ladies since 1886. It now boasts an army of five million women worldwide.

Speaking of her success, Debbie said: ‘It’s unbelievable. To go from nothing to this is amazing.. I got made redundant in 2004 and I needed money. I’d been an Avon customer myself and my mum did it when I was younger so I had grown up with Avon. I started off as a sales lady selling the products then I went on to recruit other people to sell the products. Currently I have a team of 2,500 people working with me and I made around £250,000 last year.’

Debbie has now teamed up with online Dragons’ Den star Julie Myer, to share her tips for success in a masterclass to help inspire other women.

Avon has launched an online video with Debbie and Julie, an award-winning entrepreneur, giving free, business tips.

The masterclass will be online at avon.uk.com, on YouTube and Avon’s Facebook site.

Debbie says: ‘To be asked to do the video was such an honour. I now have my own business with a team of reps and that’s taken five years to get there. I would say to other women, don’t quit at the first hurdle. If I had done that I wouldn’t be where I am now.’


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