Breaking news: the G-spot may not exist

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  • Bad news for women as researchers suggest their elusive erogenous zone doesn't exist

    As most men will vouch, a lady’s G-spot is near-on impossible to find. Still, we live in hope… But according to researchers, we could be waiting a long time as a study suggests that the female errogneous zone may not actually exist.

    A study of 1,800 British women, carried out at King’s College London, has found no evidence of the female erogenous zone and believe it may be a figment of women’s imaginations. 

    The G-spot is a small area of the female body where nerve endings are concentrated, and can experience a boost through healthy eating and plenty of exercise. But this study has cast doubt on the science behind it.

    Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology, said: ‘Women may argue that having a G-spot is due to diet or exercise, but in fact it is virtually impossible to find real traits.

    ‘This is by far the biggest study ever carried out and it shows fairly conclusively that the idea of a G-spot is subjective.’

    In the study, 1,804 women aged between 23 and 83 filled in questionnaires. All were pairs of identical or non-identical twins.

    If a G-spot did exist, it would be expected that both identical twins, who have the same genes, would report having one. But in cases where one twin reported having the zone, the scientists found that no pattern emerged of the other one having it.

    56 per cent of women said they had a G-spot, but they tended to be younger and more sexually active.

    Gedis Grudzinskas, consultant gynaecologist at London Bridge Hospital, said: ‘I think this study proves the difference between popular science and biological or anatomical science.

    The British study will be published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine this week.

    Do you believe the myth, or have you suspected for a while that women come up short? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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