8 best vibrators on Amazon for (almost) instant pleasure

Orgasms delivered next day.

Smile Makers are the best vibrators on Amazon
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If you want *almost* instant thrills this Valentine's Day, then shopping for the best vibrators on Amazon is a very good idea.

Amazon might be known as an online retailer with a wide selection of electronics and homeware, but you can also buy sex toys on Amazon from some of the best brands in the business, including LELO and Satisfyer.

While shopping for toys in high-end sex shops can be exciting and intriguing, sometimes it's best to shop somewhere simple. When shopping for the best vibrators on Amazon, you can get your O's delivered within 24 hours at an affordable price. You'll also be greeted with loads of reviews from other shoppers so you know exactly what you're buying. 

A quick crash course in vibrators: they are toys that are mainly used for clitoral stimulation, but they can come in all different shapes, sizes and designs from the best bullet vibrators, which are small yet powerful, to the best wand vibrators, loved by Samantha in Sex and The City, to the dual stimulating best rabbit vibrators

We've asked our panel of sex toy experts for their favourite picks that are available on Amazon, they include:

What to consider before shopping for the best sex toys on Amazon?  

  • Your privacy: While pleasure isn't shameful, it is personal, so if you share your Amazon account with friends and family, you might want to 'hide' your item from your buying history.
  • Vibrator style: Are you after a small but mighty bullet for clitoral stimulation or something that will vibrate internally too? For a vibrator lesson, including the different types of vibrators, read our guide to the best vibrators. 
  • Vibrator noise: Some vibrators are made with silent settings, while others are extra powerful and sound it too. It's something to consider if you live with housemates or have thin walls.
  • The price: When shopping for anything, you need to factor in your budget. With so many options on Amazon, there's something for every price point. 

Best vibrators to buy on Amazon: 

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