LELO Enigma review: “This sex toy helped me solve the mystery of the orgasm gap"

Like both clitoral and g-sport stimulation? Then this might be the toy for you.

LELO Enigma review
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Sexual wellness brand LELO are pretty forward-thinking when it comes to sex toys and the Enigma is no different. This waterproof oral-sex stimulator is a worthy investment - easy to use and great for couples or solo play. If you're not so keen on clitoral suction toys, this one won't be for you, but if you are, you'll likely end up using it a lot. Not forgetting it's made from skin-safe silicone, too. Win, win.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +


  • +

    Skin safe silicone

  • +

    Oral sex sensations

  • +

    Luxury sex toy

  • +

    Storage bag

  • +

    Results in dual orgasm

  • +

    Can lead to squirting.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Nozzle too small

  • -

    Hard to clean

  • -

    Hard to position on clit

  • -

    Pelvic floor movement can change the position of the sex toy.

If you crave both external and internal stimulation, then you might be keen to try the LELO Enigma - the raved-about sex toy upgrade.

Boasting dual stimulation - that's clitoral and g spot stimulation, FYI - and eight vibration patterns, the LELO toy promises to do what many of the best sex toys before it couldn't, offering both external and internal stimulation.

So, is it any good and does it stand the test of, well, masturbation? We got clinical sexologist and sex expert Ness Cooper to test the toy herself and share her honest thoughts. Don't miss our LELO Sona 2 review, LELO Sila review, and round up of the best sex toys and best sex toys for couples, while you're here.

LELO ENIGMA dual stimulation massager - £137.40 | Amazon

LELO ENIGMA dual stimulation massager - £137.40 | Amazon

LELO Enigma review: "It led to a mind-blowing orgasm - a great toy for couple play."

How to use the LELO Enigma and how it was

One of my favourite types of sex tech at the moment? Clitoral suction style vibrators - yet many of these devices don’t allow you the room to explore vaginal penetration at the same time due to their size.

Starting the toy for my LELO Enigma review, I initially noticed that the nozzle rests on the clitoris nicely, delivering both sucking sensations and sonic vibrations. At the same time, I liked that the internal shaft vibrated in tangent and rested intimately against the G-spot.

As vibrations travelled through both the nozzle and shaft, I noticed that the LELO Enigma doubles up its intensity by pulsing sonic vibrations through my vaginal walls, meaning that my G-spot was covered while both the internal and external parts of my clitoris become aroused and stimulated too. Struggle to find your G-spot or have a partner or friend who has difficulties exciting their clitoris? Then I reckon the LELO Enigma might just do the trick.

Do note here: before using the toy, I applied plenty of water-based lubricant to the clitoral nozzle. While I found that the G-spot curved shaft had a good amount of flexibility, due to its ergonomic shape I needed to make sure I was fully aroused beforehand for insertion to be comfortable.

Once the sex toy was inserted, it found my G-spot instantly and I found the pressure it applied spot on.

The sonic vibrations travelled through my body and made me want to move to the rhythm of the pulses. As I become more turned on and inched closer to orgasm, I felt my body grinding and thrusting into the toy more - the sign of a good design.

Frustratingly, though, this made the clitoral stimulator move out of position as I got closer to climax. When I did manage to keep it in place, it led to a mind-blowing orgasm.

I found the LELO Enigma of the most successful rabbit-style vibrators to make me squirt.

LELO Enigma review: A photo of the sex toy by reviewer Ness

A photograph of the LELO Enigma by Ness

While I enjoyed using the toy overall, I did find positioning the clitoral nozzle slightly difficult as the external vibration chamber ers on the small side. The LELO Enigma’s external stimulation part is based on the LELO Sona’s design (read my LELO Sona 2 review, here), and I found the nozzle to be slightly smaller than I'd have liked on both.

Is it one of the best sex toys for couples, too? In my opinion, yes - I used the LELO Enigma with my partner in the bath. It’s waterproof and we found that allowing them to control the sex toy meant that they were able to keep it in just the right position for clitoral stimulation. We found the design really simple for couple play - the controls aren’t too complicated for a sex toy novice to use, either.

How to keep it maintained and clean

As with the other LELO toys I've reviewed, the nozzle did make cleaning the Enigma harder, but as it's fully waterproof, I was able to wash it in warm soapy water.

Read our full guide to how to clean your sex toys, here.

About the LELO brand

Lelo is a sexual wellness brand founded in Sweden that make sex toys. Their aim? "To help you say yas to no stress."

Should I buy it?

My final thoughts for this LELO Enigma review? When the toy stays in place, I found that it works really well. After more experimenting, I tried sitting on the Enigma to keep it in position and it worked wonderfully, also gave me a chance to enjoy hands-free stimulation.

It’s definitely going to stay in my sex toy collection for couple’s play for those moments when I want my partner to take control.

Ness Cooper

Ness Cooper is a Sex and Relationship Expert and Writer. She’s been a freelance writer for over 10 years, knowledgeable in all areas of human sexuality and has a special interest in sex toys and tech.

Ness has been nominated for many awards during her career. From ETO’s Best Erotic Journalist, to Best Sexologist at the 2022 Sexual freedom Awards.

Her first published pieces were theatre reviews, written for her local paper when she was 13. I think we can all agree that she now reviews more fun items.

Not only does she write down-to-earth sex and relationship articles, she tests sex toys, including prototypes. She knows what works and what doesn’t with sex tech and sexual pleasure!

Ness is always training and trying to expand her skills. This has led her to train in Pelvic Floor Biomechanics and Pilates. Her pursuit of knowledge has also taken her to the Kinsey Institute in the US, where she studied human sexuality.

With a background in sex and relationship therapy, coaching, and education, she’s one of the UK’s leading Sex and Relationship Coaches and Sexologists. She helps people to find their authentic sexuality and sexual happiness and teaches Sexology to other human sexuality professionals.

Ness also offers 1-2-1 coaching and group sessions.