Lipstick cancer risk

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  • Chemicals found in lipstick and nail varnish could trigger breast cancer

    Lipstick and nail varnish could be potential breast cancer triggers, according to scientists.

    The chemical butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP), which is used to make beauty products look extra-glossy, has been shown to interfere with the development of healthy breast tissue in a new study. And now campaigners are calling for it to be banned in the cosmetic industry.

    The manmade substance is part of the phthalate family of chemical, which is already banned from babies’ dummies and teething rings in Europe.

    The new study, which was undertaken at the Fox Chase Cancer Centre in Philadelphia, looked into how rats which were fed BBP passed this on to their baby rats through breast milk ? and found alarming results.

    ‘This is an indication that the same could happen in humans. Even if an individual is exposed to it in the beginning of life, BBP can cause alterations later in life,’ said a spokesman.

    ‘In this direction, we are evaluating if the exposure of this compound in young girls is associated with early puberty and breast development.’

    Further studies will be needed to prove whether the group of scientists hypothesis is correct ? and whether calling for an all-out ban on the chemical within cosmetics is truly necessary.

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