Best Lululemon products: 13 that'll totally motivate you to exercise, according to three fitness experts

Keen to invest in kit that'll last the long run?

Best Lululemon activewear
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Wondering what, out of all the items sold by the luxury activewear brand, the best Lululemon products are to buy? Good question - they stock fit kit for every type of gym workout, from hiking, to strength training, to running, so yep, there's a lot to choose from. 

With 53% of people wanting to exercise more in 2023, according to a YouGov survey, new activewear will be high on many of our shopping lists. And there's no better place to go than Lululemon. 

A bit about the brand: Lululemon was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1998 and is now regarded as one of the best athleisurewear brands in the world. Best known for its buttery soft leggings and the best sports bras, it also sells fitness accessories like yoga mats, weight lifting gloves, and gym bags. It's basically a one-stop shop for all your workout needs. 

However, that does make choosing what to spend your money on even harder. If you're keen to try the best-selling brand but don't know where to start, we've rounded up three fitness experts top picks.

Yep, we've got the health and fitness team at Marie Claire UK, who basically live in gym clothes, to share the pieces they reach for every time they open their activewear drawer (that's pretty much every day, FYI). 

Chloe Gray, a freelance writer who specialises in no-BS health and wellbeing, is always found in Lulu attire when she's at the squat rack; Ally Head, Marie Claire UK's Health and Sustainability Editor, has run three marathons in Lululemon shorts (keep scrolling to find the *exact* pair) and Grace Lindsay, Marie Claire UK's e-commerce writer, knows a thing or two about shopping. Suffice to say, you can trust their opinions. She's also written a guide to the best Lululemon items to buy in the January sales here

What to consider when shopping for the best Lululemon products:

  • Your sport: Lululemon have an incredible variety of products, including sport-specific activewear. For instance, they have leggings designed for stretching versus running and different mats for HIIT and yoga.
  • The support you need: how much support you like depends on your unique ideas of comfort as well as the workout you're about to tackle. Some people prefer high-impact no matter if they're doing a gentle stroll or an intense sprint. Others prefer the feeling of low-impact sports bras for day-to-day wear. 
  • The price point: while Lululemon is a luxury brand, their clothes work out at a very reasonable cost-per-wear basis because they last so long. However, the amount you have to spend will dictate whether you buy specialist leggings or a more affordable Lululemon accessory. 

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Chloe Gray and Ally Head in their picks of the best Lululemon products

Chloe Gray and Ally Head working out in some of their favourite Lululemon kit

(Image credit: Chloe Gray & Ally Head)

13 best Lululemon products, according to the experts 

What items are worth it at Lululemon?

Look, we'll say it: Lululemon isn't cheap. But you're not throwing money at nothing — Lululemon really does make activewear that lasts. That's no mean feat given that these are clothes we put through the ringer: we sweat in them, drag them along yoga mats or kneel on gym floors and wash them more regularly than most items in our wardrobe. 

For classic products you'll wear again and again, you can't go wrong with a pair of Align or Base Pace leggings — pick a neutral colour and you'll be wearing them from morning class to days at your desk and chill dinners with friends. 

Chloe Gray
Contributing Health Writer

Chloe Gray is a freelance journalist who writes and talks about health, fitness, and wellbeing through a feminist lens. She was part of the launch team for Stylist magazine's fitness brand, Strong Women, and has written for i news, Women's Health, Red magazine, Good Housekeeping, Refinery29, and more. She's all about building mental and physical strength, eating delicious food that fuels you well, and making the fitness industry more accessible and enjoyable. She's also a qualified fitness trainer and research nerd, so you can be sure everything you read is backed by proper science.