Try this bodyweight leg workout if you're short on time but keen to get a sweat on

Ready? Set? Sweat.

Best bodyweight leg workout: A woman training at home
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Next up in our workout series? The best bodyweight leg workout you can do any place, any time, according to certified trainer (NASM) and creator of the Fit Body App, Anna Victoria.

That's where this quick circuit comes in - a sweaty high-intensity blast that promises to get your heart rate up and the burn real.

While HIIT workouts won't be for everyone - personal trainers advise you to opt for a low-impact workout if you have sensitive joints or are prone to injury - they do offer great bang for your buck if you're short on time but want to get a good session in.

We've got plenty of other workouts for you to try, while you're at it. Scroll our edits of the best bodyweight exercises and best bodyweight upper body exercises, or bookmark this bodyweight workout or full body workout for later. 

This is the best bodyweight leg workout to try tonight

Length: 12 and a half minutes.

Rounds: Do each move for 60 seconds, and each of the two circuits two times in total.

Equipment: None needed.

1. Squats

2. Squat Jumps

3. Single Leg Glute Bridge

Alternative: Glute bridge.

4. Lunges

5. Backwards Lunges

6. Split Squat Jump

Rest for 30 seconds then repeat this circuit once more. 

Why should I try a bodyweight leg workout? 

Fun fact: while full bodyworkouts offer the whole shebang, leg workouts - when carried out correctly - promise to engage the majority of your major muscle groups, helping to not only injury-proof your body, but boost day-to-day healthy movement patterns, too.

Not only that, but movement - especially mindful movement- has been proven to boost your mental health, as our explainer on the link between exercise and mental health shows.

Winner, winner.

Best bodyweight leg workout: a woman working out at home

Bodyweight workouts get a bad rep, though...

Sure, they might not involve lifting hundreds of pounds of weights (the name literally means, using only the weight of your body), but bodyweight workouts, in Victoria's opinion, "should be a part of every person’s training regiment, regardless of fitness goals."

This is largely because they're simple, easy to incorporate, and great for cardio fitness, too.

Case in point: they can basically be done anywhere. Time poor Mum or eternally busy office worker who's keen to fit a workout in but feels like they never have time? A bit like Joe Wicks workouts, they're ideal for squeezing in while your baby naps or you've got a short (emphasis on the short) period of time free.

Secondly, as bodyweight exercises aren't super complicated, they're a great way to perfect your form. You can't go far wrong with simple moves like lunges and splits, and practicing them regularly in bodyweight form means that if you were ever to take up weight training and add weights to a session, you'd be confident how to do the moves beforehand.

Lastly, bodyweight workouts allow you the option to challenge your body in new, non-traditional ways. "Think times under tension, isometric holds, or adding a plyometric component," shares Victoria. Do note, though, if you're looking to seriously improve your fitness over time, you'll need to be adding an element of progressive overload to your sessions - that is, you'll need to be lifting heavier, running faster, or challenging your body in new ways.

Want to take things up a notch? Add a resistance band to really get your glutes and hamstrings fired up.

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