I was one of the first to try the new adidas x Stella McCartney range - these are my 5 must-buys

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adidas x Stella McCartney 2023 collection: Health Editor Ally Head testing
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When I heard that the latest adidas x Stella McCartney range had dropped, I was excited. The British designer has long been a fashion innovator, not to mention a sustainable sportswear pioneer, too, pushing for more eco-friendly production since she launched her own brand in 2001.

For her latest collaboration with sports brand adidas, the designer has chosen to combine weather satellite-inspired prints (yes, they actually used satellite images for some of the prints used in the collection), conceptual contour detailing (try and see if you can spot the ley lines of maps on some designs), and bold green and blue colourways to mirror the natural landscape.

Aptly called TrueNature, items are adorned with phrases from McCartney's personal manifesto - keep an eye out for quotes like"not a reset, but a restart" and "no compromise."

The designer wanted to capture the next generation's enthusiasm - not to mention challenge - when it comes to saving our planet and comes just days after scientists delivered the latest IPCC report and issued a "final warning" about the climate crisis. 

It's worth noting here that, while McCartney has been a game-changer in making people more conscious of how they shop and how sustainably clothes are produced, there's only one thing you can do when it comes to lowering your fashion carbon footprint - buy less. Fast fashion and purchasing buying new items that end up in landfill are both seriously unsustainable, only further polluting our planet.

With that in mind, I urge you to think carefully about how you'll wear the below items if you do choose to buy - make sure you're making an investment you'll wear for life.

The range, fittingly named after its nature-based influences, spans trail shoes, jackets, sports bras, shorts and more, all proving that technical gym kit really doesn't need to scrimp on design.

A hero piece from the collection, the range includes a brand first - a sandal designed specifically with hiking in mind, the Hika sandal.

All items are available up to a UK size 20 to 22, and a range of items from the collection are available up to a UK size 24-26. So, which items from the range did I rate the most when I sweat-tested? You'll have to keep reading to find out. Don't miss my adidas Ultraboost review, Nike Invincible 3 review, and Whoop 4 review, while you're here.

A Health Ed's 5 top picks from the new adidas x Stella McCartney TrueNature range

My honest thoughts, as an eight times marathoner and two-time Boston Qualifying runner? It's about time brands adopted a more fashion-forward approach to workout gear.

I've loved seeing brands like Tracksmith, SOAR and Pruzan skyrocket in popularity this year - I've never understood why running kit is often so frumpy, and love the more fashion-forward fits currently circulating. That said, I'm also a stickler for functionality - there's no point in having kit that looks good but falls down, shows crotch sweat patches, or doesn't empower you through your toughest workouts.

For the large part, the Stella kit did a great job at meeting this balance. I'm a fan of the wind jacket for spring runs and the sports bra for any workout if you need medium support. Do note, though - the shoes I tried are definitely more fashion-focused than functional, and you'd likely injure yourself if you tried to run in them as they have little to no bounce. (Read our guide to the best gym trainers and best running trainers, here).

Designed with layering in mind, McCartney wanted to give you the freedom to move in whatever way you please - without feeling like you've compromised on how they look. This, I get from the collection - I definitely think I'll wear the jacket for windy hikes or throw over my kit on the way to Pilates. 

Ready to shop my picks from the edit? You're in the right place. 

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