I've never got on with Nike running trainers - but the newest iteration of their cult favourite blew my mind

Here's why.

Ally Head testing the Nike Invincible 3
(Image credit: Ally Head)

As a Health Editor and eight-time marathon runner, it's safe to say I can judge the best running trainers from, well, trainers that won't actually support you or provide the cushion you need for your long runs. 

Disclaimer here: as with anything in life, what trainer works for me won't necessarily work for you. A bit like diets or workout routines, what shoe is perfect for you will depend on your feet - your gait type, pronation, and more.

That said, the newly upgraded Nike Invincible 3 promises to be a pretty great all-rounder and support you over anything from a short 2km jog around the park to a full marathon. 

Being honest, I've never really gotten on with Nike shoes before (bar the Vaporfly's for race day, which as you will see below and in our edit of the best gym trainers, are my go-to race day shoe, and the Metcon's, a firm favourite in our edit of the best crosstraining shoes). I've previously found the raved-about Nike Pegasus too narrow (I have wide feet) and the Alphafly too noisy. 

But when I was invited down to be one of the first to try the newly improved Nike Invincible 3, I was intrigued. The Invincible 2 is known in the running world as being a reliable workhorse, suitable for three to 26.2 miles, so I'm keen to see how they've improved the design.

Nike Invincible 3 review: "The latest improvements to the widely loved running trainer get a yes from me"

The first thing I notice when putting the new shoe on? The Invincible 3 is comfortable. As in, possibly one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever tried.

They're easy to slip on and while the upper is snug, it's not too tight (something I've found to be the case with other Nike designs).

When run testing, I found them springy, supportive and responsive, and more stable than other competitor models on the market at current. That's likely thanks to their uber-bouncy ZoomX foam, which offers a seriously cushioned running experience.

The main standout highlight for me was the wider forefoot shape - it's noticeably roomier than previous versions and ideal for someone like me with wide feet who often finds Nike designs slightly on the narrow side. The foam height is higher, too, which promises an even softer ride.

I'd advise going up half a size, as ever with running trainers to give your feet room to breathe and avoid blisters where possible. 

Health Editor Ally Head photographs the Nike Invincible 3

Health Editor Ally Head photographs the Nike Invincible 3

(Image credit: Ally Head)

Wondering what the colourways look like? Us too, and as ever with Nike designs, they're pretty sleek, with four different options for women. I'm personally a fan of the pink, or alternatively the white option above. 

I like the design for gym to gin, too - they're running shoes that will actually support you properly but also go with a trouser suit for office wear (and I'm all for investing in pieces that have more than one use - capsule wardrobes FTW).

All in all, they get my seal of approval - you can't go far wrong with this bouncy, supportive ride. If you're looking to save a bit of money, investing in the cheaper Invincible 2 isn't a bad idea (they've just been reduced as the new version has been released). Happy shopping. 

Ally Head
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