5 Health And Fitness Apps That Are ACTUALLY Useful

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  • Trust us, you need these little beauties on your phone. So get downloading. Right this minute.

    1. 7-Minute Workout Challenge, £1.49, iOS
    You’ll no longer have any excuse to avoid exercise. This research-backed programme only takes seven minutes to do, but is equivalent to over an hour of working out. You do 12 exercises for 30 seconds each with 10-second rest intervals, and the job is finished. You don’t need any equipment and the moves can be done anywhere.

    2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, £1.49iOS
    This intelligent alarm clock analyses your sleep and works out when you’re in your lightest sleep phase, helping you to feel more relaxed and rested when you wake up.  

    3. Gympact, free, iOS and Android
    Perfect for anyone who feels their gym membership is going to waste, this clever little app will actually pay you for going by tracking your workouts via your phone’s GPS. The downside is that you’ll lose money (an amount that you choose in advance) if you miss your target number of visits. 

    4. MyFitnessPal, free, iOS and Android
    The easy way to stay on top of your weight loss goals. You can scan the barcodes on products or use the app’s database of over three million foods to work out exactly how many calories you’re consuming. It even has a recipe calculator.  

    5. Period Diary, free, iOS
    This period and ovulation tracker will help you predict your cycles, letting you know when your period will start and when you’ll be at your most fertile. It also lets you track symptoms including your moods and weight. 

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