The Princess of Wales just wore Lululemon trainers and they're currently on sale

They're also Health Editor approved.

The Princess of Wales stepped out in Wales wearing Lululemon Chargefeel trainers
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Another day, another sighting of the Princess of Wales. Yesterday the royal was spotted at Maidenhead Rugby Club, where she made a visit as a part of the Shaping Us campaign. The Princess took to the field to show off her athletic abilities, joining the rugby players in a few exercises. 

For the occasion, the royal swapped her usual elevated wares for a far more casual look which comprised of a rugby top, alongside navy blue running trousers from Sweaty Betty and a pair of white trainers from Lululemon.

The Princess of Wales stepped out in Wales wearing Lululemon Chargefeel trainers

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The Lululemon runners in question were the brand's Chargefeel workout trainers, which launched just last year. Lululemon re-wrote the rules when launching their footwear range in 2022, creating strides for women in sport. Historically, workout trainers had been created based on a man's foot and then shrunken down to fit women, though Lululemon were one of the first brands to develop a shoe purely based on the female foot. 

At the time of the launch, our Health Editor Ally Head, tested the all-rounder workout shoe, saying she "couldn't fault them." 

In her review, Head explained "The brand promised versatility with this launch, and that they've delivered on. They promised that the shoes would offer the bounce you need for running, the support you need for strength training, and a flexible yet super-charged outsole perfect for high-intensity interval training, circuits, and every workout in between - and they really do." 

How's that for a glowing recommendation? Clearly, the Princess of Wales is also a fan. 

If the combination of our Health Editor's positive review and product placement on the Princess of Wales has made you desperate to invest in a pair of Lululemon Chargefeels, we have good news...the trainers are actually currently on sale on the brand's website. 

The brand has reduced a number of colourways with prices starting from just £64 (which is 50% off the original retail price of £128). 

We've shopped out the Princess of Wales' exact pair below, as well as some other colours we currently have our eye on. Keep scrolling to shop. 

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