Jennifer Coolidge has finally commented on those Legally Blonde 3 return rumours

Excited? Same.

Jennifer Coolidge Legally Blonde
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Rumours of an Elle Woods return in the form of Legally Blonde 3 have been swirling for years. Following the incredible success of the first film in 2001, we were treated to another helping of the effervescent Harvard Law School graduate in 2003 as she attempted to make her mark in the White House. 

Since then, two whole decades have passed. Netflix became a thing. Game of Thrones sparked a generation of baby girls called Arya. And in the UK, we're on our 7th Prime Minister. 

So fans are, quite rightly, very keen to know when a third instalment is on the cards. 

And, the big question on everyone's lips right now, is whether or not a third movie will include the legend that is Jennifer Coolidge. 

The star has been making waves recently, thanks to her iconic performance in The White Lotus and some truly epic acceptance speeches during awards season. 

Of course, she was a fan favourite in Legally Blonde, playing nail technician Paulette Bonafonté. Bend and snap, babes. 

So when Reese Witherspoon was asked about the potential return of Elle Woods, she told Entertainment Tonight that there would be "no Legally Blonde 3 without [Jennifer Coolidge]."

She added: "I'm beyond myself about Jennifer Coolidge. She deserves every one of those flowers she is receiving right now. 

"And she's just one of those people who is so naturally gifted and funny and that you can just tell people love her, because she gets up there and everybody's like, 'I love her!' but she's just done a lot of good work in our business for so long.

"It's really nice to see her getting this incredible moment."

In response, Extra asked Jennifer about whether or not she would consider another stint in franchise. 

She said: "Of course, I would be on board. I've been hearing about it for a long time.

"Maybe it is really happening at this point. I would love to do it. I would absolutely love to do Legally Blonde 3."

Come on, people. Make. It. Happen.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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