These are the 9 best pedicure shades to take to your next appointment, according to the pros

Fancy toes year-round

A guest a Copenhagen fashion week wears a multicoloured, quilted skirt, brown satin sandals and a brown pedicure colour
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There’s nothing quite like getting a fresh pedicure—feet scrubbed to perfection and shiny new lacquers meticulously painted on toes. But choosing the perfect pedicure colour is always a challenge. While there's heaps of inspiration out there on the best nail trends, pedicure choices seem to be less diverse. We’ve called in some of the best experts in the industry to share their top toenail colour trends so you never make the wrong shade choice again. 

Whether you’re a true devotee to the same shade or like to switch it up every time, we’ve got plenty of pretty colours to suit all tastes. We’ve got well-loved classics like milky nails and pearlescent nails, plus lots of other creative options like chrome nails and Aperol orange. Read on to take a look at the best.

1. Pinky nude 

You can’t go wrong with a pinky-hued nude. “It’s perfect all year round, either on its own or with a glossy top coat or with a French tip for a more polished look,” says nail artist, Sadie Jordan. “This is sure to be even more popular after that viral scene in the Barbie movie,” she adds. If you’re getting neutral bases, Sadie recommends going for The Gel Bottle’s Builder in a Bottle (BIAB) because it’s great for easy maintenance, “it can be infilled to save time on removal,” she explains. The best part about this kind of shade is that it can be customised based on skin tone and preference for the perfect natural, bespoke to you. Try Mylee Pastel Chic and Mavala Budapest for other options. 

2. Crisp white 

“I love a crisp white toe,” says celebrity nail artist, Stephanie Staunton. It’s actually a go-to shade for her, noting that it’s one which always gets a flurry of compliments. There are actually lots of hues to choose from when it comes to the classic white pedi, so it’ll never look like block white Tipp-Ex. We adore OPI Alpine Snow and Sally Hansen White Tea. If you want to jazz it up a little, top this off with a beautiful chrome or pearlescent shimmer with Alûstre 026R Top Coat

3. Aperol orange 

When it comes to our love of Aperol, it doesn’t stop at our bev of choice. We take it all the way to our toes with a juicy orange. “In the summer, my advice would always be to flip that dial to the furthest end of the colour spectrum,” says nail artist Alex Philamond. We love shades Nailberry Spontaneous and Essie Meet Me At Sunset, which are two slightly different hues depending on your tastes. 

4. Neon yellow and greens 

Both Stephanie and Alex note daring neons, specifically yellow and green, to be exciting shades for a pedicure — particularly for summer holidays. 

“Citrus hues including chartreuse yellow and acid green have certainly turned the heads of those daring to be bold this year,” Alex explains. For a stand-out finish, Stephanie recommends adding a matte top coat. Alex’s favourite high street shades include Barry M In a Flash in Lightspeed Lime, Nails Inc's Knightriders Street and The Gel Bottle Serena for a gel polish if you’re hitting up the salon. 

5. Gold chrome

Another statement-making shade is gold chrome toes, which Stephanie loves. We’re talking elevated armour and incredibly eye-catching. This is created using a gold chrome pigment, which Stephanie recommends visiting your nail tech for. This will sure have your toes standing out, especially in the summer whilst wearing your favourite gladiator sandals. No chrome to hand? Try Alûstre's Copper shade or Mylee's Goldy Locks

6. Milky white 

It wouldn’t really be a pedicure roundup without two types of white. “White pedicured feet have been a worldwide craze for quite a few years now,” says 14 Day Mani expert, Julita Fagan. “A sheer, milky white is equally as complementary on the toes.” It’s a hue that’s much more subtle than its striking classic white sister. Choose shades like 14 Day Mani Blanco Blanco, which is a builder gel, or Max Factor’s Spilt Milk if you prefer regular nail polish. Julita says you can either wear the shade on its own, or add a solid white french tip for a more elevated look. “When in doubt, wear white!” 

7. Cerise pink 

Similarly to Aperol orange, Alex says cerise pink is a popular choice among his clients. The hue is on the red end of the pink spectrum and is particularly vivid. If you regularly wear red on your toes, this is one you’re going to love. Favourite polishes include CND Tutti Frutti and BioSculpture Gemini Cerise Pink Nail Polish for a gel option. 

8. High gloss nude 

Contrastingly, to the statement shades is a high-gloss sheer nude pedicure. “This speaks volumes of someone wanting to exude effortless beauty and put-togetherness,” says Alex. You might also have heard this as “lipgloss nails” which focuses on the same, glossy features. His go-to high street shades are Nails Inc Gimme Strength, which also doubles as a strengthening treatment; Dior's Nail Glow, which is a stunning barely-there hue; and Nailberry's Elegance, the perfect your-nails-but-better. If you’re off to the salon for a professional pedi with gels, Alex loves The Gel Bottle in Gloss, Silk, and Cashmere; BioSculpture's Anthea; or CND's Beau. Your nail tech can also help customise the colours together to find your perfect high-shine hue. 

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