The sell-out £14.99 Aldi hair dryer is back in stock—I tried it for myself to see what all the fuss was about

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valeza holding the Aldi hair dryer
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I’ve never been the type of person to save their ‘best’ of anything for a special occasion - from new clothes to luxury make-up. I’m just as likely to sport an expensive-looking blow dry on a random Tuesday in the office as I am at a black-tie event. So as you can imagine, I’m pretty picky when it comes to the best hair dryers

That doesn’t mean I’m a snob however - far from it. My favourite unconventional tool to get silky, volumised curls is a £43 set of heated hair rollers, so I know that some of the best hair tools around come in surprisingly affordable packages. In fact, some of team MC’s top hair straighteners and curling wand picks are well under £100. That’s why I couldn’t contain my excitement when I heard that Aldi’s TikTok-famous £14.99 ionic hair dryer was back in stock.

What’s the appeal of the Aldi hair dryer? Well, the design is eerily similar to the Dyson Supersonic - from the colour options to the shape - but at a tiny fraction of the cost, I was curious to see how this affordable alternative would actually perform.

Normally everyone's top haunt for hummus, pastries and affordable cuts of salmon, Aldi has been making waves in the beauty scene recently with their affordable alternatives to high-end beauty products.

Aldi’s beauty ‘dupes’ often focus on similarities in aesthetics rather than the functionality or ingredients used, but since a big pull of the Dyson Supersonic lies in its sleek, compact design, I thought Aldi’s hair dryer was well worth a trial, even if this was the only similarity to the original.

We love an affordable Dyson alternative here at MCUK, and if you're after the best Dyson Airwrap alternatives then we have a comprehensive guide to those, but if you're keen to hear an honest review on this under-£15 hair dryer, read on.

My review of the Aldi Visage Ionic hairdryer:

Let's get straight to the point: obviously this hair dryer is not an exact alternative to the Supersonic in terms of performance. It’s not super quiet and it doesn’t have any magnetic styling attachments - but at less than 1/20th of the price of the Supersonic, I didn’t exactly expect it to have the same luxe features.

What the Aldi hair dryer does have going for it is a chic design, lightweight construction and pretty effective hair drying functionality.

valeza holding the aldi hair dryer

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The hair dryer has three different speed and heat settings and a cold shot button, so you can tailor the power of your blow dry, similar to most hair dryers on the market. It dried my hair quickly and effectively, with minimal flyaways. I was also able to straighten and volumise my hair quite easily thanks to the nozzle attachment, which allowed me to lift at the root for more volume and direct the heat for a smoother result. It’s important to note that the Aldi hair dryer doesn’t have a diffuser attachment, so isn’t the best hair dryer for curly hair.

I was most impressed with this model’s super lightweight construction and compact shape. I like to take my time while blow drying my hair to ensure a smooth and volumised result, which can make my arms ache after a while. This hair dryer was easy to hold up for the 15-or-so minutes it takes to dry my hair, at no point causing discomfort. 

valeza with bouncy curls

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Though it didn’t dry my hair quicker than my regular hair dryer, it gave pretty similar results (I should note here, that the hair dryer I use normally is worth over £100) while the bouncy curls in the image above can be attributed to my favourite Remington Proluxe heated hair rollers, the volume and sleekness was all down to the Aldi hair dryer. In my opinion, it performs better than hair dryers more than twice its price and I know it will come in handy when travelling thanks to its small design. For under £15, I really can’t fault it.

So if the aim of your affordable hair dryer game is a beautiful design, look no further. If you’re after a light, surprisingly powerful hair dryer that's both chic and compact then I’d highly recommend Aldi’s incredibly affordable option. While it’s unavailable to shop online, you can check which local Aldi store has it in stock. IMO, it’s well worth adding to your cart alongside your bread, cheese and affordable wine.

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