This under-the-radar brand is fast becoming *the* minimalist polish to have on your nails—here's why

All of the best manis on Instagram feature it

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If you haven't heard of Gelcare, I'll forgive you. The nail brand's polishes probably feature in your 'Saved' folder for nail trend inspiration, though. Yep, Gelcare's chic nail imagery has been popping up on my Instagram feed and Pinterest board a lot as of late. I was first introduced to the Canadian brand via the sleek, minimalist nail creations of manicurist Mateja Novakovic on Instagram. Since them, Gelcare's lust-worthy gel polish colours have fast become the brand to turn to for nail inspiration.

The originator of unique polishes like their sheer BB creams, wet-look oil finishes and general luxe-looking polish shades, Gelcare has suddenly become the cult nail brand everyone is dying to get their hands (or should I say nails) on. 

The tricky thing about Gelcare, as I mentioned before, is that it is Canadian-founded and still operates as a relatively small business (although the brand's 123K instagram followers definitely begs to differ). This means, for us here in the UK, getting hold of Gelcare polishes isn't the easiest. While you can shop them through Gelcare's website, Le Manoir (and I can vouch for the delivery personally), shipping does take around two weeks, which may cause any impatient beauty lovers to let out a small sob.

So, I've done my duty as any good beauty editor and rounded up the best Gelcare polishes for those who are willing to wait for shipping—and some alternatives to tide you over in the meantime. Although, I really recommend holding out for the shipping if you can because the formulas and shades really are second to none—we've never seen anything like them.

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1. Coconut Milk

Neutral nail lovers, this one’s for you. Gelcare’s number-one selling shade, Coconut Milk, is a sheer ivory tone which creates a wash of milky white colour on the nail. The effect? The perfect minimalist nail look.

2. Nude BB Cream

Here at Marie Claire UK, we’re obsessed with Gelcare’s BB nail polishes which act like a filter on the nail, creating a smooth, glossy base—and it seems we’re not the only ones. Nude BB Cream is the brand's second bestselling shade, which creates a sheer pink veil for a your-nails-but-better finish. 

3. Blush Organza

Clearly we’re all lovers of a minimalist nude nail look, as next up is Blush Organza, a translucent pink which contains tiny specks of glitter that sparkle beautifully in the light. Ideal for any brides-to-be looking for bridal manicure inspiration, Blush Organza sits in Gelcare’s bridal capsule collection, which features a selection of nude and pearl tones perfect for the big day.

4. Lavender BB Cream

Gelcare’s Lavender BB Cream is one of their most unique offerings, coating nails in a sheer wash of pale-purple polish. Ideal for skin with a cool undertone, it makes a great base for French manicures or can be worn alone to give nails a subtle lilac tint. 

5. Rosso Corsa

If you’re a lover of a bold summer manicure, get ready to fall in love with Gelcare’s Rosso Corsa. Inspired by Italian race cars, the tomato hue is perfect for wearing on warm summer days or on your next holiday for a punchy hit of vibrant colour.

6. Manoir Pink

To celebrate 10 years of the iconic nail salon that created Gelcare, Le Manoir, they created Manoir Pink, a pretty pastel-toned polish. Sitting between a traditional nude tone and a pale pink, it taps into the Chantilly nail trend and is perfect for those who love a more understated look. 

7. Antique Pink

I love the story behind Antique Pink, a dusty rose tone inspired by the iconic women of the roaring twenties. Today, however, it still feels relevant as an elegant and elevated reimagining of a classic pink manicure

8. Plum Royale

Rich and enticing, Plum Royale is a comforting dark purple shade ideal for when you want a manicure with depth. What set’s Plum Royale apart from other dark purple polishes is the red undertone which gives it a warm finish that feels ultra luxe. 

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