All the cool girls are wearing 'Chantilly nails' this summer—and I want in

The chicest neutral mani of 2024 is here to stay

Chantilly nails
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I truly, emphatically believe that the neutral nail trend suits every occasion. Be it an everyday look for the office, a special occasion (like a wedding) or a holiday, you simply can't beat a subtle manicure. And with the summer months fast approaching (where is this year going?!) I'm here to advocate for a more low-key nail trend than you may usually be used to this time of year. For summer 2024, it's not about neon brights or intricate nail art; instead, it's about keeping it simple (and painfully chic) with Chantilly nails. 

Chantilly nails celebrate understated style; this is a super-luxe looking cream that isn't pink, and instead has very subtle yellow undertones. I have to make it clear that there's a stark difference between these and my other current favourite: buttermilk nails. Buttermilk nailshave much more of a yellow tinge, while Chantilly nails only have a slight undertone—much like, you guessed it, Chantilly cream.

"This trend shows that the 'clean girl' aesthetic is here to stay, with healthy, natural nails being the ultimate end goal," says Lynn Mason, Nail expert at Mavala. "Less is absolutely more."

As I'm sure you've already realised, unlike complicated nail art or powdered chrome, all this trend takes is finding the perfect nail polish hue. Thus, it's super easy to achieve from home, without a salon visit. Lynn does encourage those looking to try it to focus on your prep first, however: "A good nail care routine will make this nail look even more luxe, so up cuticle oil usage and remove cuticles regularly for a clean, fresh base."

If you still need convincing, the following manicures may just have you reaching for the Chantilly...

Chantilly nails inspiration

The queen of chic manicures, Betina Goldstein, was one of the first to put the understated cream manicure on the map.

These gorgeous, understated cream nails look beautiful in a soft almond shape, and with a mid-length that's stylish yet still ultra-practical. Chantilly nails work beautifully with denim, as you can see. 

A little milky, a little creamy, a whole lot perfect—the absence of any noticeable pink tones in this manicure put it firmly in Chantilly nail territory. 

Proof that this hue works just as well with a soft square-shaped nail, this manicure is the definition of chic and healthy-looking. 

Another brilliant thing about this trend is that you can play around with finishes, from matte to glossy and iridescent. As shown here, a little chrome-looking shimmering top coat is a must for parties. 

Chantilly nails don't have to be milky or translucent. This opaque finish delivers the ultimate holiday manicure look.

While this trend is all about style and elegance, a bit of nail art can add some character. Try some easy-to-draw eyes, as shown here. 

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