Blossom nails are the pretty summer manicure to know—these 6 looks provide the perfect posy inspiration

It comes Bieber-approved

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If there’s one celebrity that can start a nail trend quicker than anyone else, it’s Hailey Bieber. The originator of last summer’s cult glazed manicure look as well as more niche nail trends, like the festival approved glow in the dark mani and the mix and match nail art look which she sported earlier this year, it’s become clear she is the person to look to if you’re in need of inspiration for your next nail appointment.

And her latest look that’s already racked up endless imitation videos on TikTok? It may just be the perfect set if you’re in need of summer manicure inspiration. Created by nail artist Zola Ganzorigt, both Hailey and Zola took to their Instagrams last week, sharing snaps of the now-named cherry blossom manicure, cementing that floral designs are the only nail art to wear on your nails right now.

Inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms, the look features a classic sheer pink base (OPI Bubble Bath if you’re wondering, but more on that later), topped with a spray of pretty white-and-pink flowers. For added drama, Zola finished the look with pink rhinestones.

If you’re wondering how to recreate Hailey’s look yourself, thankfully Zola has our back as she also shared the products she used to recreate the now signature look. Alongside OPI’s Bubble Bath, she created each cherry blossom using OPI’s Alpine Snow and Without a Pout for the perfect combo. 

While she kept quiet on a step-by-step for the look, I've taken a guess on how to recreate the look yourself, so keep scrolling to find out. Plus, if you want to put your own twist on the cherry blossom trend, I've also included some added inspiration on the best blossom designs to try now. It's time to book your next nail appointment...

The best blossom nail art inspiration

Contrasting red and pink blossoms makes this nail set feel extra special. 

The chrome base takes these blossom nails, created by celebrity nail artist Iram Shelton, to the next level.

Accent cherry blossom nails and traditional French tips make the perfect pairing. 

Buttermilk nails meet cherry blossom goodness in this pretty pastel nail set. 

Don't let shorter nail styles stop you from embracing nail art. These cherry blossom nails are the perfect short and square inspiration. 

For an elegant look, these cherry blossom tips are just perfection.

How to recreate Hailey's cherry blossom nails

Step 1: Start with a base coat

Because Hailey's nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, is here for us, she let us in on the products she used to create Hailey's cherry blossom look. Firstly, she applied a base coat to protect and strengthen the nail.

Step 2: Apply a sheer pink polish

Next, she followed with a layer of sheer pink polish in the form of OPI's Bubble Bath, a favourite shade of those who like a clean nail look. 

Step 3: Create your flowers

While Zola didn't share how she created Hailey's cherry blossom design, I'd suggest using a dotting tool to create the perfect flower. Dip the tool into a while polish and create five dots for each flower to create the petal shape. Zola followed with a spot of pastel pink in the middle to imitate Japan's famous cherry blossom flowers. 

Step 4: Finishing touches

Once your polish is dry, apply a high-shine top coat to lock the design in place. If you want to add a smattering of pink rhinestones, like Hailey, now is also the time to do so. Simply place them on the centre of the flowers while the top coat is wet to set and ensure they hold. To avoid unnecessary waste, be sure to keep hold of your rhinestones when you're ready to remove your mani and set them aside to use again at a later date.

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