The best SPF moisturisers for year-round skin protection

Because they're a must-have seven days a week, 365 days a year

Having one of the best SPF moisturisers to hand is a much bigger deal than you might think.

While the best sun cream is a no-brainer for hot holidays, ultraviolet rays can be damaging on even the cloudiest of days and so moisturisers with SPF are in fact a year-round beauty bag essential.

It may not seem like it in gloomy Great Britain, but even in the winter months you need to be slathering on some level of sun protection to stop your skin from getting damaged. Fact. If there’s daylight – wear an SPF.

The best spf moisturisers will be SPF 30 or 50, to make sure the sun’s rays aren’t wreaking havoc with your skin cells. The higher the SPF the better at fighting the signs of ageing.

As well as moisturisers, some of the best primer choices on the market also contain SPFs of 30 or 50 and are a must-have before you apply your very best foundation.

If you’re 100% dedicated to your current moisturiser, which doesn’t have an SPF in it, then you could invest in a UV defender. Yes it’s an extra step in your skincare routine, but if you find a good one, like the Skinceuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF50, then it won’t feel like a chore.

Keeping you protected from the moment you step out the door, sun protection factors should be the priority at the top of your list for a daily moisturiser, whatever the weather.

On our list you’ll find Elemis’ iconic Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, now with an SPF. Your favourite moisturiser just got a skin protection upgrade. And keep an eye out for Dr Lancer’s Sun Shield Fluid, which Victoria Beckham recently revealed is her go-to SPF.

Check out our favourite SPF moisturisers, hand-picked for sun protection and anti-ageing properties, and find the best one for your skin type below.

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