Black Friday holiday deals to satisfy your wanderlust

Book your next holiday, stat

When is Black Friday 2017?

Black Friday falls on the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (which is the fourth Thursday of November). Here the UK, Black Friday 2016 will fall on 24th November (which is a Friday) so you still have time to bookmark the shops you want to visit and pick out the deals you’re going to go after.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a day when shoppers can take advantage of *huge* discounts from various retailers. We’re talking loads of £££ off anything from clothing to electricals and yes, even travel. Think flash flight sales, discounted hotels and more.

How to book a holiday

There are plenty of online holiday booking hacks that will save you plenty of money. For example, book your stay in the off-season, which is outside of the June-August summer holiday. If you’re going somewhere like Greece, book it in May or September. Temperatures are still hot and it’ll be less busy, plus you can typically save 1/3 of the cost.

How to find cheap flights

Finding cheap flights can be a bit tricky as airlines and booking sites typically install cookies on your browsers to see what you’re looking for, meaning that they can then increase the price of what you’re looking at. To avoid this, turn on private browsing before you begin your search.

It might seem obvious, but getting your flight at anti-social hours, ie super early or late, might mean you save a few £££ too.

Do sign up to air mile programmes too (like BA and Virgin). It’s free and means you accrue advantages every time you book a flight, which you can then use for discounted flights, priority boarding etc.

What to save on when planning a holiday

You need to prioritise where you’d like to scrimp and where you’d like to splurge. For example, if you’re not fussed on accommodation but love your food, book cheaper hotels so you have more budget left for nice restaurants. If you’re flying short haul, then perhaps spending a fortune on flights isn’t the most reasonable option, but it’s worth going for comfort if you’re flying long haul. While business class is a fair bit heftier, you can sometimes upgrade to premium economy for a fraction of the cost. For more tips on how to save money for holidays, read our guide.

Where to go on holiday in 2017 and 2018

Not sure where to go on holiday this year or next? If you follow our holiday destinations guide, you’ll get plenty of inspiration. Most people like to follow the sun all year round, and in that case, if you’re booking a holiday at the beginning of the year, Ethopia, Dominica and South Africa are great choices. For a summer holiday, try Canada, Finland, America and Italy, and for the latter part of the year, Nepal, Oman and Columbia are at their most beautiful.

How to find the best Black Friday holiday deals

As with anything, it’s best to start your research early. Just because it’s Black Friday doesn’t mean it’s necessarily cheaper, so look up your ideal holiday now, take a note of the prices, and then see if you can get it cheaper for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Sign up to booking agencies’ and flight companies’ newsletters or follow them on social media as you’ll then be the first to be notified of any promotions.

Black Friday Holiday Deals

Whether you’re travelling in the UK, to Europe or further afield, there are plenty of travel agencies like Thomson, Thomas Cook and Eurocamp offering discounts on their package holidays, while flight companies like Norwegian Air and Emirates also slash their prices.

Last Black Friday, Virgin Trains had 200,000 tickets at a reduced price up for grabs, with standard tickets from as little as £5.

Eurostar is reportedly suffering post-Brexit, so it might well have some great offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to entice people to Paris. Last year, British Airways Holidays and G Adventures offered £100 off all bookings.

The likes of Lastminute, Travelodge, Thomson Cruises and First Choice are likely to offer discounts codes and selected promotions on their sites too.

Find our edit of the best Black Friday holiday deals below.


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