Apparently Harry thinks William is 'trapped' but 'doesn't know it' and resents that he's always been taken more seriously

It's claimed Harry spent the majority of his adulthood feeling like he wasn't 'taken seriously'

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It's claimed Harry spent the majority of his adulthood feeling like he wasn't 'taken seriously'

In freshly surfaced claims, a Royal source says that Prince Harry believes his brother William is 'trapped' in the Royal family but 'doesn't know it.'

Richard Fitzwilliams, a Royal commentator, has a number of opinions about the Royal family dynamic, including a deep dive into brothers Harry and William's relationship.

While Fitzwilliams has said that Harry's marriage to former Suits actress Meghan Markle 'undoubtedly changed him', he believes that the feud precedes their marriage.

He claims the Duke of Sussex, now 36, has felt like he was never taken seriously, and further resented the fact that he had 'no defined role'.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily, Fitzwilliams said: "Many think that the fact that William grew up knowing he would one day be king and Harry had no defined role, led to rivalry between brothers who were considered inseparable."

"Harry's reputation was as the royal wild child for years, William's image was far more serious however he behaved. Some say Harry resented not being taken seriously, despite his military service and charitable work."

"Harry now believes he was trapped as a member of the royal family and that William currently is but doesn't know it."

"The rift between them, long reported and first confirmed in the ITV documentary about their South Africa trip, is public and serious. It was his marriage to Meghan which unquestionably changed him."

Back in 2018, Harry, Meghan, Kate and William started working together. After that, they were often referred to as the 'Fab Four' - but Fitzwilliams maintains that this was a 'disaster' and could be one of the reasons the brothers are currently at odds.

It's believed that the rift properly began shortly after that in 2019. Reports claim that William asked Meghan and Harry to leave Kensington Palace amidst bullying claims. Around about the same time, Harry and Meghan broke up the joint foundation and set up their own at Buckingham Palace.

This echoes what both Harry and Meghan said in the Oprah Winfrey interview which saw them accuse an unknown member of the Royal family as racist for questioning the colour of Archie's skin.

The interview marked the first time Harry has said on record that he believes both his brother and father are 'trapped' by the institution of the monarchy. He also said during the interview that he feels 'really let down' by his father, Prince Charles.

He claimed that Charles cut off all contact from his son when Harry moved to the US and stepped down from his official Royal duties. He also added that his father had not been answering his calls.

The last time the brothers were together was in London as the new Princess Diana statue was unveiled. To mark their late mother's 60th birthday, Harry and William, appeared talkative as they stood next to one another in front of the statue.

The only indication that the brothers may be on the way to making amends comes from their aunt, Sarah Ferguson, 61, who recently told Australian Women's Weekly that the statue 'brought unity and togetherness' to the family.

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