Parenting expert weighs in on how Kate handled Louis at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

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Royal fans were thrilled to see the three Cambridge children taking centre stage over the long bank holiday weekend to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis stood alongside their great-grandmother on the Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the flypast at Trooping the Colour, and also attended the live concert with their parents.

However, it was four year old Louis who became the surprising star of the show thanks to his adorable facial expressions and cheeky personality.

When the three little royals appeared on the Palace balcony on Thursday, Louis quickly started trending on social media as he was spotted having a chat with the Queen, covering his ears when the planes flew overhead and later pointing excitedly at his dad, Prince William, from the window.

Clips of the young Prince and his mother, Kate Middleton, also began circulating online over the weekend. He was sat with the Duchess of Cambridge to watch the pageant, and, growing restless, was seen playing with his cousins behind him, eating sweets, poking his tongue out at his mum and covering her mouth, before eventually going to sit with his grandad, Prince Charles.

With Louis' entertaining behaviour going viral, one parenting expert has weighed in on how Kate handled her youngest child.

Jo Frost, hailed as the no-nonsense Supernanny, commented on the clips via Hello! magazine's Instagram page, saying: 'Love how mum is addressing in public Prince Louis needing to listen up and do as he's told.'

She continued: 'Unlike other children the royals are expected by the world to behave a certain way but at the end of the day they are children, royalty or not.

'The whole fanfare will become a little too much when you're young - it was a long day, little moments like this are going to happen, especially if you are strong willed, sensitive and actually I would go as far as to say a highly sensitive child in my professional opinion.'

In a separate post, she added: 'The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a great example, Catherine has never been afraid to tell the kids to stop in public, I love that about her.'

Kate is often praised for throwing out the rule book when it comes to traditional royal parenting techniques, and many have commended for her keeping her cool this weekend.

William and Kate have since commented that Louis 'especially' enjoyed himself.


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