Meghan Markle reportedly has 'regrets' over Prince Harry's memoir

Harry released Spare in January 2023

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have come under fire over the years, primarily ever since they moved away from the royal family, leaving behind their royal duties in 2020.  

The couple - who have son Archie and daughter Lilibet together - appeared to upset the balance with their tell all interview with Oprah Winfrey, their absence from certain royal engagements, and their move to California. 

Another blow came when the 38-year-old royal released his memoir Spare in January 2023, which reportedly heightened tensions amongst the royal family even more with the follow up interviews, including that with ITV's Tom Bradby, to promote the book.

In Spare, Harry makes a number of allegations about some of his royal relatives, including his brother Prince William, Kate, Princess of Wales, and Queen Camilla. 

However, it has been reported that Meghan "regrets" not being more involved in Harry's memoir, especially as she allegedly believes she has been branded a "professional whiner" despite having no input in Spare

A source told Heat magazine: "Meghan can now see that, whether it's fair or not, they are being viewed as these professional whiners and it's not as simple as her distancing herself, because she has to be seen as fully supportive of Harry.

"She's now regretting that she wasn't more hands-on or involved when he was putting his book together.

"This theory that she micromanaged what he wrote or had any say in the manuscript is totally wrong – it was Harry's book and she let him get on with it."

In fact, Meghan reportedly gave Harry the freedom to discuss and write about topics he wanted to, without her input, despite what some have assumed.

The insider continued: "The same went for his interviews and promo tours – that was evidenced by the fact she let him do those by himself and made a point not to interfere."

Meanwhile, the former Suits actor is said to be taking a "step away" from the Sussex brand to focus on solo projects, in a bid to "prove the haters wrong".

Though the couple remain happily married, she is reportedly keen to pursue different projects because she believes her and Harry are on "different paths" in terms of their career. 

The insider added: "Meghan doesn't think it’s impossible – she's too self-assured and ambitious for that – but it's a mess she could well do without, and ultimately one she feels stems from Harry's decision to go after the family in the way he did."

But could this involve a memoir of her own? Who knows.

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