Love letters dying out

When was the last time you wrote a love letter?

It seems writing a passionate note to a loved one is a dying tradition.

According to a new survey less than one in five Britons received a love letter from an admirer in the last year. And just 28% received a note from a lover in the last five years.

As the email age has taken over a third of those quizzed aged between 16 and 24 admitted they had never put pen to paper for a loved one.

The older generation still maintain a more romantic stance however, with just 14% of over-55s divulging they had never written a love letter.

Apparently you’re better off as a singleton with 24% of those questioned saying they had received a love letter in the last 12 months, and only 17% of either married or co-habiting couples bothering to pen a message.

Encouragingly, writing a letter is still the most popular way of saying thank you. Over a third preferred to write to thank someone for a gift.

Paul Whitlock, head of savings at Bradford & Bingley, who commissioned the survey said: ‘The old-fashioned love letter appears to have had its day, but writing a letter clearly remains a popular way of staying in touch, with more than half of all Britons having written a personal letter to a friend or family member in the last six months.’

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