Sex games promise to spice up your love life immediately - 7 best to try

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Searching the Internet for the best sex games to try tonight with your significant other? Well, you're in the right place - date night just got ten times hotter. 

Why now? Well, summer is finally here, marking the perfect excuse to try something sexy and new with your partner. The sun's finally out and long, balmy evenings lie ahead of us (if the weather holds out). 

If your lovemaking has taken a backseat, these games promise to bring back the spark. The best part? You can make them as tame or risqué as you like. A bit like using the best sex toys (we're looking at you, best vibrators and best dildos), sex games can be tailored to your needs and likes. Think of it as a nice middle ground for getting the vibes going. 

Need more convincing? Couples who have more sex have been scientifically found to have both happier (and healthier) relationships, with one Journal of Health and Social Behavior study finding that sex boosts intimacy and lowers your chances of breaking up.

Enter stage right, MC UK's edit of the best sex games - designed by pros to help you spice things up a little. Don't miss our guides to best lube, best sex positions, and best dating apps, while you're here.

Do note: the following games have been independently tried and tested and are officially seven of the best sex games out there. Enjoy.

Best sex games: 7 to try tonight for guaranteed fun

1. Time bomb

What you need: You, your partner, and a timer.

How to play: Set a time limit for as long or short as you like, e.g. twenty minutes, (the longer you can delay, the hotter). For this set time, kiss, touch and play around, but aim not to have penetrative sex until the time is up.

The verdict: Lorna* said: "This one is all about delaying the action for as long as possible, putting the focus fully on foreplay. We spent a bit of time re-connecting with each other's bodies and seeing how it hots up the main event."

2. Play captive

What you need: Four ties, ribbons or handcuffs, and preferably a four-poster bed.

How to play: Have them tie your arms and legs to the bed and slowly tease you from top to bottom.

The verdict: Karina* says: "This game allows you to surrender completely to your partner. Enjoy being the centre of attention while powerless to do anything to stop it."

3. Kinky cards

What you need: A deck of cards and a timer.

How to play: Give each suit of cards a meaning, (e.g. hearts equal kissing, diamonds means a massage, clubs means hands-on stimulation, and spades means oral). Then, take turns picking cards and carrying out the required actions. The number on the cards is equal to how long each act should last, meaning you may really end up toying with one another.

The verdict: Veronica* says: "Again, foreplay is the key focus here. You never know how long each act will last making for a delicious cocktail of anticipation and pleasure." We feel like our edit of the best sex toys for couples might just come in handy here...

4. The ‘Try Not To Have Sex’ Game

What you need: Each other and maybe some props (e.g. massage oil or chocolate body paint).

How to play: You’re not allowed to have sex, but you are allowed to try and entice each other into sex. The loser is the one who gives in and initiates sex first.

The verdict: Lucinda* says: "This game is all about teasing each other and seeing how long the other can resist. It's a lot of fun and the penalty for losing is hardly a punishment.."

5. Bad behaviour

What you need: A guilty conscience.

How to play: Tell your partner all the little things you did wrong that day, these can be as mundane or as naughty as your like. Then, get your partner to spank you using the nearest object to hand – be it a hairbrush, newspaper or something more risque (whip, anyone?)

The verdict: Sam* says: "Obviously you have to be into spanking to really enjoy this one, but adding in a bit of role-playing makes it fun too. Definitely worth a try if you want something different in the bedroom."

6. Take it al fresco

What you need: An outdoor location.

How to play: Tell your partner about a place you’ve always wanted to have sex but never had the guts to try, and then - just do it. It might be outside in the car, in the toilet at your favourite bar or somewhere even raunchier...

The verdict: Lisa* says: "Once you settle into a long term relationship, most of the bedroom action takes place in the, er… bedroom. This is a great way to put some excitement back into your sex life. (Extra tip - pretend you are two strangers who have just casually bumped into each other in public and end up getting carried away)."

7. Fantasy fulfiller

What you need: Paper, pencil and a hat.

How to play: Write down three to six fantasies each on small pieces of paper, then fold up each one and put them all into a hat. Take it in turns to pick them out and act on them. (It can also be a good idea to have three separate hats with fantasies ranging from tame to wild to make sure you're comfortable).

The verdict: Michaela* says: "This is all about exploring each other’s fantasies in a fun and no-pressure way. Each person has a veto option if something comes up that they really don’t want to try. It’s a good way to learn about what each of you really wants in the bedroom, and have some fun while you’re at it."

Now, question: which sex game are you going to try first?

What are sex games good for?

A whole range of things - from boosting your confidence to increasing your intimacy levels with your partner, sex games offer a simple way of reconnecting and taking things up a level in the bedroom. 

One Journal of Health and Social Behavior study found that sex boosts intimacy and lowers your chances of breaking up. Sex games, on the other hand, can offer a fun segue into intercourse if you've hit a dry spell or don't know how to initiate intimacy. You heard it here first. 

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