New Look are selling Friends Christmas t-shirts and we want them now

New Look is there for youuu

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New Look is there for youuu

This Christmas is going to be mega. Yes, we're starting the countdown a little early this year, but we absolutely have to because there's so much going on.

We've got Prosecco Christmas crackers! There's chocolate wine! There's a Cath Kidston Mickey Mouse collection and you'll want it all in your stocking!

And that's not all. When it comes to December 1st, we'll start the official countdown with a trusty old advent calendar. But not like the ones we've seen in previous years. We'll be opening the doors to beauty advent calendars/ Aldi's wine advent calendar/ this brie-lliant cheese advent calendar...

The options are well and truly endless.

And if you thought things couldn't get much better, hold on to your hats because New Look just showed up with some Friends Christmas t-shirts and we can't cope.

friends christmas tshirts

Credit: New Look

That's right - the high street store is releasing not one but two extra special t-shirts in the name of Christmas (and your fave '90s tv show). Although they're already affordable, you can shrink the dent in your budget further with a New Look promo code!

Remember The One With All the Thanksgivings? Monica gets her head stuck in a turkey while they all re-live their worst Thanksgivings. And what about The One with the Holiday Armadillo, where Ross and Chandler battle it out to be the best festive character?

Well these iconic moments have been immortalised and you can wear them throughout December - and beyond, if you so wish.

We will be.

The New Look Friends Christmas t-shirts are £12.99 and will be available in sizes 6 - 18.

However, we have a feeling they're going to sell out VERY quickly, so if we were you we'd get down to your nearest New Look or start online shopping and grab a couple pronto.

You could even pick a couple up for your own friends, because who doesn't love the most famous mates in the world?

That's all our Christmas presents sorted.

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