Aldi is selling chocolate wine for Christmas and we're here for it

Merry Christmas indeed

christmas tree with wine bottles
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Merry Christmas indeed

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Every now and then, something rare and magical enters our lives and we're forever changed. Like when this incredible Harry Potter bar popped up (complete with wand-made cocktails, no less). Or when these gorgeous beauty advent calendars turned up to make the countdown to Christmas even better.

And now, we're being treated to something extra special in time for the festive season, courtesy of Aldi.

The supermarket have decided to marry two of our favourite things to create something truly unique - chocolate wine.

Yep, masterminds have been working hard to create the drink that blends Tempranilla grapes and chocolate essence, with a subtle helping of spice, vanilla and fresh cherries.

Now, it might sound like an unusual combination, but considering it costs just £9.99 we're willing to give it a shot.

Plus, it was awarded 'silver outstanding' for quality in the International Wine and Spirit Competition, so we're sold.

aldi chocolate wine

Credit: Rubis

Rubis, the brand behind the brilliance, says: "Our chocolate wine is an unforgettable taste sensation - extraordinary in every way.

"Surprising, distinctive and deliciously decadent it satisfies the curious and rewards the adventurous."

The chocolate wine launches on November 14th, and it's fair to say that they'll no doubt be flying off the shelves the minute they land.

So if we were you, we'd put the date in your diaries now.

If you're not quite convinced, Aldi currently has another treat in store for you. Enter the pumpkin spice Irish cream liqueur, which comes in at a mere £6.99, and includes 'hints of cinnamon and nutmeg'.

We're here for both, tbh.

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