Prince Harry has refused to talk about his relationship with Prince William and Prince Charles

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived in the Netherlands this weekend for the start of the Invictus Games, marking their first joint public visit to Europe since stepping down as working royals in early 2020.

Their trip has been sparking headlines across the globe - whether for the Duchess of Sussex's impeccable style or the sweet moment they shared on stage - and the Prince has given a handful of interviews since the start of the competition, sharing that the couple's eldest child, Archie Harrison, already has some big career plans and discussing how happy he was to spend time with the Queen before they touched down in The Hague.

Harry was thrilled to talk about the 'lovely catch up' with his grandmother during an interview with NBC, saying: 'We have a really special relationship; we talk about things she can’t talk about with anybody else.'

But when asked about his relationship with Prince William and Prince Charles, he declined to comment.

NBC host Hoda Kotb asked the Duke directly if he misses his brother and father, to which he responded: 'Look I mean, for me at the moment, I’m here focused on these guys [Invictus competitors] and these families and giving everything that I can, 120 percent, to them to make sure they have the experience of a lifetime.'

He added: 'That’s my focus here. And when I leave here, I get back and my focus is on my family who I miss massively.'

Since his private visit to see the Queen last week, it has been reported that the monarch has invited Harry and Meghan to join her for Platinum Jubilee celebrations this summer and to join the family on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

However, when asked about his plans for the long weekend in June, Harry said: 'I don’t know yet. There’s lots of things, security issues and everything else. So this is what I’m trying to do, trying to make it possible that, you know, I can get my kids to meet her.'

We'll have to wait and see!

Reporting by Georgia Rhodes

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