The UK’s most popular beauty trends have been revealed – and some of them are, um, unexpected

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  • Try not to panic, but eyebrow slits are threatening to make a comeback

    In a year of dyeing hair from home and attempting to shade match our foundation online, there was one constant that could always be relied on for an answer to our beauty dilemmas: the internet. Yep, the UK’s most popular beauty trends have been revealed – and it would seem we’ve done a lot of beauty Googling over the past year.

    Whether we were searching for some microblading inspo or trying to find the best bronzer, new analysis by The Body Shop has shed some fascinating light on just how our beauty habits have changed over lockdown.

    With hair salons finally given a preliminary reopening date for April, many of us are clearly gearing up for a dramatic post-lockdown hair change – because topping the list of most popular beauty trends in the UK is ‘short hair styles’.

    Following behind are searches for microblading and eyelash extensions – meaning if you haven’t already booked your appointment for April 12th, it’s probably a good idea to get your name in the book stat.

    Apparently men have been channelling their best nineties David Beckham look in tier 4, with ‘eyebrow slits men’ seeing a 212% spike in searches since 2019. (I guess if we’re fine with scrunchies making a comeback, we have to be fine with this throwback, too.)

    Other trends we’re tickled to see cropping up include pastel eyeliner – which has seen a 735% search increase since 2019 – and pink hair dye, with 12,100 of us searching it out. Because let’s be honest, we could all do with a little more colour in our lives at the minute.

    What are the overall most popular beauty trends in the UK, you ask? Here’s the full roll call…

    The UK’s most popular beauty trends

    1. Short hair styles – searched 165000 times
    2. Microblading – searched 60500 times
    3. Eyelash extensions – searched 60500 times
    4. Lip filler – searched 33100 times
    5. Bob haircut – searched 27100 times
    6. Eyebrow tinting – searched 27100 times
    7. Boycut hair style – searched 27100 times
    8. Botox – searched 27100 times
    9. HD brows – searched 27100 times
    10. Eyebrow microblading – searched 27100 times

    The UK’s most searched hair trends

    1. Short hair styles – searched 165000 times
    2. Bob haircut – searched 27100 times
    3. Hairstyles for long hair – searched 22200 times
    4. Pink hair dye – searched 12100 times
    5. Hair dye purple – searched 9900 times
    6. Red hair dye – searched 9900 times
    7. Blue hair dye –searched 8100 times
    8. Curly hair how to style – searched 4400 times
    9. How to get wavy hair – searched 2900 times
    10. Styling straight hair – searched 1900 times

    *Adds every available colour of dye to basket*

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