A Disney version of Cards Against Humanity exists and we need it immediately

disney cards against humanity

Since the coronavirus lockdown, many of us have been trying our hand at some new skills. From baking banana bread and completing extremely challenging puzzles to improving your general knowledge during the weekly Zoom quizzes, we've been finding ways to keep busy during these unprecedented times.

And for those who prefer to keep their gaming offline, there were a number of new Cards Against Humanity releases - whether you're a true fan of the wizarding world and wanted to try the Harry Potter version, or prefer your sitcoms and opted for the Friends Cards Against Humanity.

But it doesn't stop there. Get ready, because there's now a Disney take on the controversial card game and we need it immediately.

Following the traditional game's rules, every player is given ten white answer cards and will take it in turn to select a question card. The rest of the party will choose to put down their funniest/weirdest/most controversial answer card.

disney cards against humanity

Credit: Amazon

Though don't be fooled into thinking this is a kid-friendly take. It might dress up as all things Disney and Pixar, but it's for ages 17+. Of the 800 cards, questions include: 'Our perfect family evening was ruined by...' and '[Blank] will be the next thing in Ariel's collection.' Answers include: '"accidentally" luring your nephew in the gorge before causing a stampede.'

The creators say: 'The game is intended exclusively for adult players (17+). So trust me, you don't want to take it with you to family gatherings!

'Filled with hilarious tasteless Disney references, for Disney fans and even non Disney fans. Evil sense of humour not necessary but advantageous!'

It also has 'great repeatability value' and is 'perfect for terrible people with despicable humours'.

If you want to get hold of your very own, the boxes are selling on Amazon for £42 with free delivery.

That's the weekend plans sorted.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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