Meghan Markle's banana bread recipe is going viral this autumn

And we're not surprised.

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And we're not surprised.

Banana bread has become a global craze since the coronavirus lockdown, with the ingredients being storecupboard stables, and therefore easy to make.

Yes, if you've got a couple of eggs, plain flour, caster sugar, bicarbonate of soda, salt, butter, vanilla extract and some ripe bananas, you've got everything you need.

Meghan Markle is known to be a lover of banana bread, making some home made loaves during her and Prince Harry's tour of Australia and distributing them as gifts.

It's hardly surprising therefore that during the banana bread craze, her recipe resurfaced, with Meghan known to include two special ingredients: chocolate chips and ginger.

This autumn, as the nation has been struggling with the supercold and consequently spending their time baking comfort food, her recipe is once again going viral.

'We were so surprised but it was incredibly nice of her,' Elaine Woodley, from the Mountain View Farm, one of the recipients of Meghan's banana bread told the Daily Mail during the tour. 'She made it last night when she knew she was coming to a family home.'

Elaine's daughter Benita who was also present at the picnic in Dubbo, Australia, with the Sussex couple, went on to add: '[Meghan] said if you go to someone's house you always bring something, so she did. She said she was worried about the bananas, that she'd put too many bananas in it. But the Duke said there's never too many bananas.'

If you'll excuse us, we're off to try out this recipe.

Jenny Proudfoot
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