A Friends version of Cards Against Humanity now exists and oh my god

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With the UK on lockdown, many of us are turning to our favourite films and tv shows when the evenings roll around - whether it's watching all the classics on Disney+ or re-watching some of the best box sets ever.

Harry Potter fans can be found reading the books for the umpteenth time, checking out JK Rowling's magical new project or enjoying the British Library's online Harry Potter exhibition.

But what to do if you're a Friends fan?

Well, you can now enjoy everything that the show has to offer without evening putting the telly on. Yes, really.

Enter: the Friends card game.

The One With All The Cards puts a Friends twist on the fill in the blanks card game, Cards Against Humanity, and anyone can play - even if you're not a huge fan of the show.

In the box you'll find an even number of black question cards and white answer cards. One player will ask a question from the black card and the rest of the players will put forward the funniest answer from one of their white cards.

cards against humanity friends

Questions range from 'What's "pulling a Monica"?' to 'What beats rock, paper and scissors?', and the range of answers include 'Ms Chanandler bong', 'A thousand regular cats' and 'Nipples that you can see through a shirt.'

It will undoubtedly keep Friends fans entertained for hours.

The game is just £12.87 on eBay and honestly - what a brilliant way to spend the evenings with those in your household!

We're sold.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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