Vibrating Knickers: Your Need-To-Know On The Sex Toy Everyone’s Talking About

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  • Stop everything: it’s now possible to turn your knickers into your very own portable sex toy...

    Words by Rosie Benson

    That’s right, in 2016 you can actually wear vibrating knickers underneath your trousers and no one will suspect a thing.

    Vibrating knickers have been around for a while, but in the past few months have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. And it’s not hard to see why; modern technology has allowed us to become ever more creative when it comes to sexual satisfaction. The sheer range and variety of vibrating knickers available on the sex toy market has also rocketed. You can even read user reviews before you buy.

    So whats the big deal? We’ve rounded up the main reasons they’re hot right now.

    They Are Completely Discreet

    It’s hardly acceptable to whip out your Rampant Rabbit on your lunch hour, or when that starter is taking forever to arrive at dinner. But the beauty of vibrating knickers is that literally no one will know you’re wearing them (unless you want them to, or you start pulling a Meg Ryan at the dinner table).

    Hand Control Over To Your Partner

    This is definitely one of the main draws, where the anticipation of pleasure is half the fun. Hand the vibrator control over to your partner and enjoy being completely taken by surprise. You can even set it up so the vibration is triggered by your partner’s voice – taking the concept of dirty talk to whole new heights (/lows?).

    There’s Even An App For It

    Want your partner to give you an orgasm from the other side of the world? Well, there’s an app for that too. While some remote controlled vibrating underwear is limited by distance, developers OhMiBod have created the first vibrating underwear that can be controlled by mobile app. Who said long distance relationships had to suffer between the sheets?

    They Come Tailor Made

    From secret pockets that are just the right size for a bullet vibrator, butterfly-shaped contraptions with adjustable leg straps, to vibrating thongs for him and her, there is a pair of vibrating pants out there for everyone. Ann Summers, Love Honey and Bondara are just a few retail outlets where you can browse from a collection and choose exactly the right pair for you.

    You Can Take Them AnywhereThe last thing you want is for your handbag to start vibrating in public, causing you to fumble around like a mad woman for the off-switch, (perhaps even feeling the need to triumphantly pull out your electric toothbrush as a decoy). The only person who needs to know that you’ve got a bit of personal time planned for later is you.

    Basically They’re Just Great

    Discreet, portable, available to you and your partner, and in any style and colour you could want, these are just like regular knickers but with a whole lot of extra special features.  Enjoy….

    Here’s Our Top Five Vibrating Knickers On The Market:

    OhMiBod BlueMotion
    Bondara Party In Your Pants
    OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh
    Love Honey Venus Butterfly
    Love Honey Hot Date 10 Function Vibrating Knickers

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