Best sex toy cleaner: 7 to add to basket for better, safer sex

Because safe = sexy.

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Did you know? Investing in the best sex toy cleaner can actually help you have better sex. Yes, really - because safe sex is always better, and it's not just people that can spread bacteria and STIs, but even the best sex toys, too. 

That's right - STIs can be spread on sex toys if you use the same toy as someone who has an infection (best sex toys for couples, we're looking at you). That said, even if you're using one of the best sex toys on Amazon or best sex toys for beginners solo style, they still need to be wiped before and after use. This is to get rid of dust and debris before and to avoid bacteria overgrowth (and a sticky mess in your drawers, tbh) afterward.

"Day-to-day washing of sex toys is essential, but if you want to properly sterilise your toys, you need to invest in a UV light cleaner," says Lucy Rowett, a sex coach at The Lowdown

The type of toy will also change the cleaner you use. "If the toy is made of glass, steel or silicone and isn't an electric toy, then you can pop it in the dishwasher too (although maybe do them in their own rinse, rather than with the roast dinner plates)," says Rowett. 

Cecile Gasnault, brand director Smile Makers, adds: "For cleaning product for silicone sex toys, look for products with a lower pH and natural and soft ingredients that better preserve the quality of the silicone. Ideally, you won't be using porous sex toys as these harbour bacteria, but remember they will need a really good sterilisation, if so."

We bought you a guide on how to clean your sex toys. For the best sex toy cleaners you can buy, we've spoken to our panel of experts to find out, including: 

What to consider in a sex toy cleaner? 

  • Sex toy material: As above, consider the types of toys you use and the best cleaner for them. 
  • Convenience: You'll probably want a different kind of cleaner to use mid-sex than for a proper post-coital scrub. 
  • Cost: How much you spend will depend on whether you want to treat yourself to a luxury cleaner that you can proudly display or use something effective yet affordable.

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Best sex toy cleaner: 7 to buy now

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